Schizoeffective threat, lies to psychiatrist,so tired in ?

  • June 2, 2022, 9:03 p.m.
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I told my husband Talan to keep the guns in the safe. I told him with my mom being schizoeffective and delusional that is may be a risk to his life. My husband shoved his gun in the crack on the lay z boy knowing mom could find it he decided to go to work. I kept mom distracted by a TV show and locked the gun quickly in the safe. My mom asked why I shoved the couch over while she was watching the TV show I couldn’t reach the safe without scooting mom up.

Talan and mom kept arguing for a few days after this experience. He thought he had a right to carry on gun on his person the whole time everywhere he goes. Mom confessed to me the voices in her head told her to kill Talan. She decided it was against those voices saying where she was a nurse for 45 years that no matter what the voices say she won’t kill Talan..she guesses. I went to my husbands work to drop off his off to text Talan what mom said about killing him. Talan is furious that I am requesting him to keep the gun put up. He says I am robbing him of his rights and won’t listen when I say mom could misfire the gun during a maniac episode and seriously injure us.

Mom visited her psychiatrist today and tried to convince the psychiatrist that she was just fine not taking her Latuda. He said if she didn’t take her medicine she would start behaving maniac. She lies she was fine I got tired of her lying. I was crocheting a scarf while they talked I laid down my scarf I told the psychiatrist due to her previously having covid she couldn’t see him until now. She hasn’t had her Latuda and recently told me that her voices told her to kill my husband with a gun. My mom’s answer? He was annoying her.

My mom blurted out when she realized I was telling about her irrational behavior she screamed that I was on marijuana. I had to explain to the doctor that what I am using is CBD I get it from Coalfield Cannibus to help deal with my pmdd. I don’t smoke THC and he is welcomed to drug test me. The doctor said he has prescribe her medical marijuana that it could help improve her schizoeffective disorder. He offered to prescribe Mr medical marijuana because he said it would help me with me pms pain. Mom was frustrated. It blew up in her face. I guess she forgot her doctor is promarijuana. She started acting out so the doctor excused both him and I so she couldn’t hear.

He told me that she isn’t taking the psych meds. He can tell by her fidget and irrational behavior. I told the doctor about my mom disposing of my paperwork that I need for her guardianship in court. He told me he will help me get my paperwork to be sure I get everything I need. He is a wonderful kind man. In my opinion mom is fortunate to have such a kind psychiatrist.

Mom kept going on and on how I don’t care for her that she cares for me. She pointed to the psychologist that I don’t have a job. Funny I don’t have a job because I give her 24/7 care due to her schizoeffective disorder. I quit working at McDonald’s. I am not getting paid to care for her. I gave up my home for her to be here in my home. I gave up my hobbies. I gave up my life for her to disrespect me in front of her psychiatrist. Sorry mom but if you live in my house you may need to help us with bills. My husbands part time job simply won’t pay the bills.

Mom and I went out to her house by the time we got there she had me angry. She demanded me to explain to her why I went back to the psychiatrist to talk to him alone. I had to explain to him her hearing voices,her irrational behaviors and shopping sprees. He offered to help me get guardianship. My mom informed me what her voices thought we said. I only gave her part of the details. I only gave her information that wasn’t important.

While mom and the psychiatrist talked I crochet some of my scarf. He thought I was great he didn’t realize I was teaching myself with a YouTube video. The psychiatrist asked what else I could do so mom told him about us fixing the dryer. The psychiatrist said if I could crochet and keep a conversation with him I must be intelligent. I caught myself wondering what he was up to. I told him I plan to install a washer in my kitchen and how mom and I were still trying to fix us a small garden.

My mom and I bought some drinks at the grocery store. I ended up having to carry them in from the rain. She tried to convince me she was simply to tired to help. I told mom that if she wants to play that game I will make it simple if she doesn’t care about what she bought we will toss it away or she can help me. I am tired of being the damn pack mule. She thought I was playing the rain continue to fall so down I reminded her I can out wait her. Mom suddenly decided to help me because I told her all the shit she is hoarding into my home needs to stop. I live in a tiny trailer I can’t take all her fucking impulse buys. I told her shit she buys don’t matter to me and don’t test me. I already told her the hoarding needs to stop.

Mom is currently watching Good Girls on Netflix. I need to convince her to go with me to pick up my husband from work. I hope Talan is in a good mood tonight.

Jodie June 02, 2022

To start having even one gun in your home and someone who has a mental disease and won't take their medication will be dead and maybe you also. I would ask the police what they think and maybe they can take away the guns from the house.
And I would like to say that you are a true blessing for taking care of your mom and not getting paid. But why doesn't your mom pay you for like part of the rent and her food and maybe some extra because she supposedly loves you?

Not So Mighty Porg June 02, 2022

Look too see if your state offers assistance for taking care of a sick parent. I know my state does. You’ll at least have some extra money coming in. And it won’t hurt to try. A quick google search will point you in the right direction.

Purple Dawn June 03, 2022

You've got your hands full that's for sure. I wish your husband was more supportive, Leaving that gun there wasn't a very clever thing to do.
Take care, you're being a very good daughter.

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