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  • May 31, 2022, 11:19 p.m.
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I have such miserable periods that I am desperately trying to get any form of relief. Gynecologist tried birth control but due to my blood pressure issues I can no longer take birth control safely. One of my gynecologist offered to tie my tubes for me but I had to get permission from my husband to be allowed to get fixed. I don’t understand. if husband wants a vacestomy they don’t ask me for permission yet if I want fixed doctors are concerned what my husband has to say. It is funny how when you are a women people believe you owe your fertility to your future partner. Honestly if I wanted a politician in my vagina I would have sex with one. This is ridiculous.

I shouldn’t have to suffer every month. This month I am testing CBD drops to see if that will help ease my miserable pms issues. I got these drops from Coalfield Cannibus. My husband wants me to give up my gun rights in order for me to be allowed to get medical marijuana license. I don’t have a purpose for the thc I just want to test the CBD for my pms and my migraines because I heard CBD not only takes care of pms pains but I heard it is effective for treating migraines. I hope using CBD will decrease my pain because I am to fearful of taking pain meds because I fear it might damage my kidneys.

Today while I was using the CBD to decrease my pain my family and I went to the grocery store, bought plants to plant in a garden box. I am in the process for completing the garden box so I can plant the vegetables and herbs I have sitting on the porch and waiting for. I hope planting these vegetables will help lower the cost of our food bills.

Any advice to help with pms? I am willing to try herbal remedies.

Jodie May 31, 2022

I have been taking hormone pills for a lot of years and they not only stop the "thing" but there is also no pain and you feel like a million dollars....Ask your doctor what they think?

Not So Mighty Porg June 01, 2022

Most places won’t actually come for your guns or even care that you have your medical card and guns. At least not where I live. I know many people who have their medical card and legally own guns.

*_* Not So Mighty Porg ⋅ June 01, 2022

I was told you cannot purchase any new guns after getting the marijuana card. They let you keep your old ones.

Not So Mighty Porg *_* ⋅ June 01, 2022

I mean, how may guns does a person need?
I do know the dude who got his medical card was ex-law enforcement and he didn’t seem concerned about not buying guns. And by that I mean he can probably still go and legally get guns. There really is no entity that enforces that.

*_* Not So Mighty Porg ⋅ June 01, 2022

I was told you cannot purchase any new guns after getting the marijuana card. They let you keep your old ones.

Beret *_* ⋅ June 01, 2022

The question is, why do you need more than what you have?

Not So Mighty Porg Beret ⋅ June 01, 2022

I was honestly wondering the same thing. Especially with the mother in the house who isn’t supposed to be around guns.

*_* Not So Mighty Porg ⋅ June 01, 2022

My husband won't listen to me when I say we don't need more guns. We have everything in a gun safe for our safety.

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