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  • May 31, 2022, 9:56 a.m.
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Hubby and I went on a day trip to Girvan, Scotland on Sunday. It was a lovely area, really nice atmosphere, beautiful harbor air etc. and absolutely GORGEOUS ice creams in cones but there was one problem, as I’m menopausal, I needed to wee regularly. There is a block of loo’s by the Quay Zone but, stupidly, it’s smartphone/cashless/card ONLY! There’s a big sign inside the Quay Zone saying there’s no public loos in there so to use the cashless ones! Hubby got angry saying how utterly stupid it is so we had to walk into the Zone, looking around casually then we shot into the disabled loo that’s only for the users of the swimming pool etc.!

On other parts of our Scottish trip we went to Starbucks, the women’s cubicles were so tiny it was actually impossible to get into them, even if I lifted the sanitary box off the floor and onto the loo seat, I still couldn’t get my legs to squeeze into where the box was and close the door! Again, I used the disabled. I’m physically disabled but prefer to use the normal loos in case a wheelchair needs the disabled one but this time I had no choice again. I don’t think Starbucks had employed a cleaner there for years! Previous user had left a load of wee all over the seat and floor along with ripped up scrunched up loo roll all over the floor and the room smelled weird so after I spend a couple of minutes being an un-paid cleaner wiping the loo seat I then discovered the loo flushes but doesn’t actually flush anything down, and while the tap on the sink worked OK, the electric hand dryer didn’t! I went to the loo at last but couldn’t flush it! Hubby said the same thing in the gents with microscopic cubicles covered in wee and loo roll!

At one point we had to park the car in a farmers field and wee then get out of there asap…apologies to the farmer … as there were no public loos around at all but on the way back we stopped off at a Shell petrol station and the one inter-gender/disabled loo was spotlessly clean! We LOVE Girvan, beautiful area, but East Ayrshire Council really needs to do something about their cashless potties!

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