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  • May 31, 2022, 3 a.m.
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But a different day. I also say something like the same shit but different day. Why is it we do the same things everyday no matter what they are? We go to work everyday and basically do the same work and the things that need to be done at home is also the same. And it never ends ever. Well unless you are lucky enough to get someone else to do your job and clean your home and cook your meals then you can do what you want. But then that can get boring because there is only so much fun you can do in a life time.
Here is a question for all you single men? Do you do the same things everyday like us women? or do you get someone to do all of this for you? Like someone to clean your home?
But then I bet you get your female friends to do the cleaning and cooking right?
I wonder if a mans home is just as clean as a woman’s home or a couple’s home?
I know my home always looks like it’s lived in and there is always something to clean and do and I like that. And if I don’t want to do something one day I can always do it the next day or the day after that. But if you still have children at home then you really have to make sure everything is clean because if you expect them to keep their rooms clean then they need to have an example of what it should look like. And then they will grow up to be productive human beings.

Onto something else....

The good thing that happened yesterday is that I am going to get my referral to the ear doctor sometime soon. I am just waiting to make an appointment and I am pretty sure they are busy so maybe by next month I will have an appointment. I will be so happy when all of this wax is gone and I can hear at a normal level.
And dinner last night was also good and there is no more so that is good. Well hubby has a bit left but he will eat that on Friday.
And starting today I will be back on the wagon and starting to get down to the weight I want to be at. I just need my determination to become the most important way to get rid of this weight.

Onto something else....
I am thinking chicken for dinner and some sort of noodles or potatoes and frozen vegetables.

Onto something else....

I finally got the list from my son of what he wants for the holidays so they are on my amazon list so when I have the money in the bank I will be getting them. I figure I will get someone’s gifts every month till December and then all I will have to do is wrap them and make sure their names are on the packages so I don’t give the wrong ones to the people on my list.
But it’s nice knowing what people want because then you don’t have to do all the thinking and they get what they really want.

Onto something else…

I need to stop here…
Do have a great day…
Be Kind, Be Calm, Be Safe, and Behave.

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patrisha May 31, 2022

I live alone. If any cooking or cleaning is to be done, I have to do it.
If I don't do these things, they don't get done.

At this time, they are not getting done because I am dealing with a very nasty attack of UTI. Jake took me to the doctor {at my request}. I am slowly, very slowly, getting over it.

When I am able to do it, I will get back to the cooking {which I mostly like doing} and the cleaning {which I mostly don't like} which I do because I like want know I can find things I want to be able to find when I need them!

Jodie patrisha ⋅ May 31, 2022

I hope you will feel better soon and get back to your self again. I know what it's like when you can't find something you thought you put back in it's safe place. But then I have someone else living with me so sometimes they put things away wrong so I just tell them to not bother anymore.

theKat June 01, 2022

my days are always different. today we found a raccoon and two babies living above our porch... the babies were totally adorable

Jodie theKat ⋅ June 01, 2022

Just don't start feeding them then they will never become independent and they are hard to get rid of.

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