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Unless you have had staples or something removed or something to make your stomach smaller there is always a time when you eat that you eat too much and the feeling is different with everything you eat or drink.
Like drinking 12 cups of coffee in one sitting over a few hours is just too much I know this because I have done it. Especially when your eyeballs are bigger then your stomach. And eating one or two hamburgers and French fries with the works on them is also too much especially if the hamburgers are bigger then the middle of your hand. And how many potatoes are too many cut into chunks? Two? maybe three? or more?
And does it really matter if you don’t eat everything on your plate? And do you know what happens to you if you drink too much coffee? I know I can drink coffee all day and be fine. But I find the instant coffee better for me because then I have to make one cup at a time and after that is gone I can decide if I want more. But if I make a pot I have made 12 cups and by the 6th cup it starts to taste bitter and then I know I have had too much and I start to jiggle everywhere I go and the worst jiggle going to the bathroom. And then you don’t want to eat because you are soo full of liquid.

Onto something else....

So today we are not doing much we will just hang out and keep each other company and maybe I will get to the point where I can do some laundry. And also rearrange my pots and pans so the cupboard will close and take out the ones that I don’t want to use any more and maybe my son will take them. And tomorrow the doctor will be calling me so I can get a referral to the ENT doctor to get my hearing checked and the wax flushed out.
Every time I have this wax build up the longer I leave it the less I can hear and after a while people start to tell me I might need hearing aids or get the wax flushed out. And the sounds of the microwave or the oven reaching the temperature I can’t hear now and it’s frustrating. But I can hear with the ear buds in my ears and I can hear people talk on the phone so I guess I am not so bad. I can only imagine what it’s like to be totally deaf. I do know people who are deaf and hard of hearing and they seem to manage in their life and not hearing doesn’t really bother them but they still can communicate.

Dinner last night was horrible. I made chili and I used the wrong chili powder so it turned out more spicy then what I like. But hubby liked it and even used hot sauce on his. And there is left overs so he will have that today or tomorrow for lunch. The one thing I do have to remember is to turn down the heat after I have seen it’s starting to boil a bit and just let it simmer because every time it burns the bottom of the pot and not I will have to scrub the pot and if it doesn’t come clean I will be crying because this is one of my expensive pots and my favorite. Hopefully this time I have learned my lesson.

To nights dinner I am still thinking about but I am thinking more about a roast or a whole chicken now that I have all the vegetables I need. And one of these days I want to make some cookies it’s just getting into the mood and having the time to do them. I wish I could bake one of these cakes like the store bakery does and make it look even better. I have done a boxed double layer cake and the icing is never as nice or the cakes themselves never go on top straight but the cakes always taste good and the people who eat it here always says it’s nice and sweet so I must be doing something right. But then presentation is always everything so I am told.
I wonder if it’s the taste rather then the presentation that makes baking a hit? The one cookie that I would die for is those short bread cookies they are my absolute favorite and my mother in law use to make them for me as a holiday gift but since she died I just have the memory of them and how well they turned out. I miss her a lot. She was always a person I could talk to about her sons and what to do to get them to behave the right way. And there are times when I hear her in my head and usually remember what she said about some things so her wisdom always lives on with me. But then it’s like that with anyone who has passed.

Onto something else....
My brother called me yesterday and asked me how things are going and if there is anything new. And he told me that he will be going to Switzerland in about two weeks for an art show so maybe he will see something he wants and bring it home? My brother has the best job ever and he really likes it. he gets to travel the world and use it as a tax write off and he gets to even have a day or so where he can have some fun and enjoy the food. And he usually travels first class so that is also a bonus.

Onto something else....
It’s that time where I need to stop here…
Do have a great day....
Be Kind, Be Calm, Be Safe and Behave.

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crystal butterfly May 30, 2022

I read once years ago that water was the diet doctor's best friend. That is why many times diets tell you to drink a cup of water before eating. Makes you feel fuller. You eat less. Or to have a cup of soup (not the creamed kind) to start a meal because it will make you feel fuller. Do I do this. Of course not. And that is probably why I could stand to loose around 40+ pounds.

Jodie crystal butterfly ⋅ May 30, 2022

Every program that is used for weight loss always says the science behind drinking water is always the best and you are right.

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