Hilarious! in Block

  • May 20, 2022, 3:10 a.m.
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Hubby and I closed our shop at 4 yesterday and drove to Morrisons for some shopping and we had a large glass jar choc-a-block with coins. There’s a Coinstar machine inside Morrisons but we realized that someone previously had jammed a whole load of really filthy dirty rusty 1p and 2p coins in the tray and they’d got stuck totally. The entire tray was filthy with the coins so we grabbed a security guard who tried to put the keys in to free them but with no luck, he couldn’t get the door open either. He then grabbed 2 women and eventually, all 3 of them managed to get the Coinstar door open and remove the dust tray. There were a few customers standing around watching and we were all having a good laugh!

Considering the condition of the coins it was more like an archaeological dig! They managed to get all the coins out and binned them then dusted off everything and put the dust tray back. All 3 worked hard for about 15 minutes or so and eventually got it back to working order. By the time we’d put our coins in and the machine had taken its fee we still had £22.00 to spend on shopping + the cash we already had! Brilliant!


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