Betty Broderick in 2022

  • June 12, 2022, 2:22 a.m.
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I’m watching the Betty Broderick series on Netflix. Normally I hate to go over old cases that I’m familiar with but it’s a pretty good show. I guess in real life “Betts” has squandered hope of future freedom because she shows no remorse. She should have been killed as all murderers should be. Why make the taxpayers pay to feed and house her for the rest of her sorry life?

Amazon is continuing to give me the same old bullshit runaround as far as Alexa’s unwanted extras go. I’ve had it with them. I’m no longer answering their tweets. They claim they want to work with me on it and I’ve told them everything I can tell them a thousand times. I’m not doing their job for them. They say they don’t want their customers to experience what I’ve been experiencing, but their actions say otherwise since they don’t do anything to fix the problem. I still say they know damn well what they’re doing and they don’t intend to change it either. People are pushy. Always have been, always will be. They don’t care how many people they annoy along the way. If people cared, pop-ups wouldn’t continue to be a problem on nearly every website we visit.

We had a nice storm last night. I was glad it waited until after I was up.

My very lower back at the side of my spine hurts. Tom thinks it’s sciatica. He’s probably right. That’s the only thing we can come up with. What is it with all the fucking back issues lately, though? At least ice seems to help it.

The Earth Day challenge ended, but at least I managed to get two trees planted in Indonesia and Guatemala. It will be interesting to see what the next challenge is. They have them regularly.

Did a short trip through Hollywood, FL. Looks like a nice place, but probably nothing we could afford. Now I’m in Japan. The area I’m in right now isn’t that exciting.

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❤️vee June 12, 2022

I could never have an Alexa, Google on my phone "listens" enough already of what I'm doing.

Pink Passion ❤️vee ⋅ June 12, 2022

I've got nothing to hide, so I don't mind. ;)

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