Frustrated in 2022

  • June 11, 2022, 12:44 a.m.
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Sitting here with dark auburn dye in my hair. Thought I’d do some writing before it’s time to wash it out. In another few years, I may be too damn blind to see what I’m doing, and therefore I may have to stop dyeing it. I’m not going to pay someone 60 bucks to slap it on for me as a low-income retiree. More important things to do with that 60 bucks.

Shortly after I got up, I deleted Michelle’s latest voicemail from her latest number that I also blocked. What is this, something like the fourth or fifth one now? Then Tom told me there was mild thunder while I slept. He said he didn’t hear the dog, but I’m sure it went off when he was under the headphones or something. I don’t think that thing can be let outside without taking a shit fit. I heard a few barks at 8:30 but nothing too crazy. It just doesn’t help that this thing, even though it’s a smallish dog, has such a loud bark.

It may be that Steve is trying to train it, but that it’s untrainable. Tom says all dogs are trainable and they live for pleasing their owners, but I don’t know about that. Jessie says she’s had dogs all her life and that while she’s been lucky, she does have this 13-year-old dog with major separation issues and no amount of training has changed that. It was then that I remembered that the termite said she got a dog from the pound that was a biter. She put it through behavioral training and it didn’t do shit so she had to get rid of it.

Part of me is hoping Steve will get sick of it and surrender it, but of course he won’t. So I’m stuck with it for who knows how many years as this isn’t an old dog. Toni didn’t have an exact age but said it’s a “youngish” dog.

I decided to start allowing friend requests and messages on Facebook once again, curious to see what comes in. I don’t want to block requests and messages that I may actually want. What if my old ENT really does look me up?

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