Shut up, Alexa! in 2022

  • June 5, 2022, 3:38 p.m.
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So now the annoying by the ways are did you knows from Alexa. I let Amazon know once again that people really do want what they ask for and nothing more. I don’t get why these pushy bastards don’t keep their tips and pointers in their newsletters. When I ask for the weather, I want the weather. Not to discuss gift ideas I have absolutely no interest in.

Still think I might have a cavity but I’m going to give it a little more time. I hope it’s just sensitivity we get with age, but somehow I doubt it. Not with all the damn dental problems I always have. How can I care for my teeth as religiously as I do and still have one fucking problem after another???

We tested our glucose the other day. Mine was down 3 points to 107, but his is up to 118, unfortunately.

The semi-permanent purple hair dye is crap. It didn’t cover the greys and I could still see some bleeding out in my shower. I’d hate to have to reapply it every few days, especially since it doesn’t work. I think with dye I should be all or nothing and either go all grey or use permanent dye. If it’s not going to cover the grey, I might as well get permanent dye.

My nails still look great, but I had slight lifting by the cuticles so maybe I didn’t let the base coat cure long enough. Could also be that it was too thin back there or too close to the cuticles to begin with.

He was thinking of eventually trying to create a VR app. I had an idea for having these trees in which leaves fall off or petals from flowers and you have to hurry up and catch as many as you can in a basket. Each time you have less time so you have to move faster and faster.

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