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  • June 2, 2022, 12:46 p.m.
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Saw the new ENT yesterday and wasn’t very impressed. He did an OK job but wasn’t very friendly. He was over a half-hour late too. The waiting room was kind of crowded. There’s more than one doctor there. I’m glad there weren’t any annoying kids, but one guy was playing a game show loud on his phone and the other had an insanely loud ringer and would gab on the phone when he would get a call. Through modern technology and paper-thin walls (he was in the exam room next door), I learned that his thyroid biopsy came back OK, LOL.

There was this really tall and really skinny woman that came in to get her mother who was also skinny but not as tall. Meth heads? It was weird. The woman came in barefoot and had gauze wrapped around one calf.

Since I only need to see an ENT every nine months, I’ve decided to stick with him because he’s close by. Competency is most important, not friendliness. I got a morning appointment so I shouldn’t have to wait so long. Sure do miss my old ENT, though!

Again, we stopped at Burger King on the way back and today we ran up to CVS for treats. I got a few pieces of caramel and a 4-pack of Merlot.

I was wrong in saying that he threw away $25 on the horses. He was given money for signing up and that’s what he’s been using. He said that if he loses it all, then he’s just not good enough and he’s not going to bet again.

Trying to remove the Color Street nail strips was a nightmare! I didn’t realize that they were like Jamberry. You can’t just peel them off. I had to pour some nail polish remover into a baggie and place the baggie inside a cup of warm water. Even then, it took forever to get it off. It explains why they felt different. They’re great if you don’t mind letting them wear off naturally or taking the time to remove them. Can’t wait for tomorrow’s hair and nail goodies!

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