Hair & Nails in 2022

  • June 1, 2022, 7:49 a.m.
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Liz did a great job trimming my hair yesterday and I learned something from her too. You’re not supposed to wash your hair every day. When she told me she only washes hers once a week, I was stunned. When I asked if her hair got really greasy and her scalp itchy, she said no because she uses a dry shampoo that you spray in between washes. She said you just have to train your scalp. She says the reason my scalp is oily while my hair is dry (besides thyroid disease) is that the more you wash your hair, the more oil the scalp produces while the shampoo itself dries the hair out if it’s overused. I used to go every other day when my hair was really long so I wouldn’t have to deal with it as much. I can’t see myself going a whole week, but maybe every other day.

I ordered some dry shampoo spray along with a spray-in conditioner. The dry shampoo comes in different fruity and floral scents.

I also got Purely Purple semi-permanent hair dye and decided to splurge on the nail powder dips after all. I got two different sets. One comes with applicators and contains fluorescents. The other comes with base and top coats and has metallics and holographic powders.

Love the new cast iron skillet, as heavy as it is, and our new silicone oven mitts. The heat doesn’t go through these like the cheap dollar store ones I had. I prefer mitts to potholders because that way I don’t have to worry about dropping them inside the oven like I’ve done a couple of times.

After getting my hair done, we went to Burger King. Later today I’ll be seeing my new and hopefully permanent ENT.

The Austria ride I did took about 20 hours. I started a Budapest ride yesterday but couldn’t get past 57% of it because Google didn’t have sufficient images. I hate that shit! So now I’m in very northern Italy.

Mia’s free gift last time around was a dull gray denim jacket.

Last night’s wake-up call, besides waking up to pee and just because, was a nightmare. It started off great. Aly was still alive, and she and Kim came to see me. We all hugged at the airport and then my stomach felt funny. I told them to hang on while I ran to the bathroom, and left them to chat with Tom. In the bathroom, I found I was bleeding and was horrified, knowing I shouldn’t have any bleeding now that I was post-menopausal. I decided I would just keep it to myself for a while and then the dream ended.

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