Long Ride in 2022

  • May 28, 2022, 6:51 a.m.
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I can’t help but think how I would have gotten my ass beat if I talked back to my mother like the teenager on the show I’m watching does like mom loved to do until I got brave enough to fight back. Oh yeah that first slap from me was the last slap from her. That’s why I always tried to fight back if anyone laid a hand on me and will in the future if God forbid I’m unfortunate enough to be threatened or struck. Sometimes you really do gotta fight and it’s the only way to stop others from abusing you more.

Anyway, that was a long 20 miles I rode today in Austria! I’m beat. I have 45 miles to go. If I don’t do 20 tomorrow and 20 the next day, then I’ll do 15 miles over the next three days.

I’ve had fatigue yesterday and today, but yesterday was worse. I kind of even felt like my heart was a bit racy, even though Fitbit said my heart wasn’t racing. I just took some magnesium, which I still do from time to time and that seems to have helped. I just hope I’m not on the verge of another bad spell! I’m rolling onto days and I’ll be going out in a few days to my ENT, plus other places, so that will help. I hung outside for a few minutes this morning to get some sunlight. The carport and the walls of the house looked great, thanks to his hard work. The lanai has all new blinds now too.

My doc said thyroid does decrease with age, but it doesn’t actually die off. Yeah, but that’s in people who aren’t hypo, right? I figured there’s gotta be a reason 75’s once got me down to a three and then eventually seven and now 14…because my thyroid is dying thanks to the antibodies attacking it.

Jessie (I guess there really is no need for initials) and I chatted some more, mostly about her work and TV shows.

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