Dose Increase in 2022

  • May 27, 2022, 2:22 a.m.
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I’m tired today. Not even coffee or a banana gave me energy. I’m always tired when I’m up for 18 hours the night before. Or in this case, the day before.

Five 88s a week begins! I just hope it doesn’t drive my HR up. I’ve noticed it’s been elevated a little bit this last week or so. Tom says that happens to him at times too. Well, I sure as hell hope it’s not connected because if it is, there’s no way I’ll be able to handle increasing my dose that much more.

Pretty sure that the lobster bites were what raised my HR yesterday. I noticed this the two times I had them, so there’s some ingredient in them that causes my heart to do that. This body just doesn’t like processed food anymore! I’ll be all-natural today, except for the coffee I had and the candy bar coming later. I’m going to make myself the last pork chop and then the potato hash as well with chickpeas and assorted veggies. That one’s a bitch to make, but worth it.

I checked in with my docs and ask them if it’s true that thyroids continue to die off until they’re completely dead. This fatigue does feel like thyroid fatigue. I slept 8 hours and got a sleep score of 90. I shouldn’t be this tired regardless of being up a long time yesterday. I’ll increase my waiting time once again before I have my coffee.

I did hear from J who has, understandably, been busy. As far back as we go, I find it hard to believe she would suddenly decide not to bother with me, even though I learned a long time ago that anything is possible. I asked Tom his opinion as to whether or not it would be someone else’s fault if they decided not to have anything to do with me because of something I shared with them, or if it would be mine for telling them in the first place, and he believes it would be no one’s fault. It wouldn’t be their fault because they have a right to move on if that’s what they chose to do, and it wouldn’t be my fault because I have a right to be myself. Make sense to me!

In the midst of my cooking and cleaning, I hope to complete my Austria ride in the next few days. Eventually, I may do a trip from Munich to Salzberg so that I can see what Nane likely saw when she took the bus down to visit Irene one last time. This trip would only be 72 miles and not 311.

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