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  • May 26, 2022, 2:46 a.m.
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When I went to look for dixie cups I was like, you’ve got to be fucking kidding me! $8 for 40 cups? Yes, they last a long time, but I would rather just use droppers when doing my ear.

This inflation better stop soon, or else they better do something. I know some people are getting raises, but what about those of us on Social Security? What are they going to do? Put half the country on welfare?

I’m going to continue not to worry too much about controlling my weight with my elevated TSH, but I’m still going to eventually try to set a goal of one potato hash a day (with chickpeas & veggies), which is 3 eats, and then a meat and veggie meal. This would total 4 eats and it would be about 1200 calories or slightly more. Too much for me to lose weight on normal TSH or not, but should prevent gaining. Can’t cut out my coffee and I don’t want to cut the bananas, but I’ll definitely cut back on nuts and wine. I’ll only allow myself one small candy bar a week. This means that the only expensive item I’ll be getting will be fish. I’ll have an occasional yogurt too. The Mediterranean diet isn’t big on yogurt. So the one piece of meat I have a day and the cheese I sprinkle on top of the potato hash will be the only things with cholesterol.

I was surprised to receive a voice message from the dentist at this time, knowing that I’m not due for my next cleaning until October. Why does everyone have to call me when I’m on nights? Anyway, all she said was that she was calling about “outstanding treatment.” Tom says we’re completely paid up, so we’re guessing they just want to drum up some more business. Maybe I should go in sooner and get the crown taken care of and find out for sure whether or not I have a cavity. I just hate to have appointments during the storm season.

I’ve been watching Manifest. Haven’t had to hear about race, but it’s still too married with children/single without. They’re willing to hire actresses that aren’t as pretty to reflect a more realistic view of people’s appearance, but not a more realistic view of modern lifestyles?

Never heard from J yesterday, and of course I never heard from A after I sent him a 28-second video clip of me playing tennis in VR because it’s not an interest of his. Can’t help but compare him to Aly. She would have at least said something like, “I’m glad you like it.”

Well, I at least like it in VR. Never had any interest in it in real life.

I’m glad Tom accidentally discovered that the thumbstick moves you around the court since I don’t have enough room to run back and forth for the ball.

I also discovered a free app called Liminal. It has all kinds of sounds, colors, and effects that are said to influence mood. It’s a different kind of meditation.

I got the best lotion applicator for my back yet. Instead of those horrible rollerballs that would get stuck, it’s a piece of dense foam on a stick, sort of like a bath brush. It works great and doesn’t absorb the lotion. Not that he complained, but I’ll never have to bug Tom again to lotion up my back!

I really hope the only reason I haven’t heard from J is that she’s busy with her new job. She did say that someone close to her did get in an accident and then got sick afterward. The thing is that I told her that was one scenario that ran through my mind. She said that was “so creepy” because that actually happened. I told her to just let me know if she was spooked by psychics and wanted me to keep things that came to me when I was awake or in dreams to myself and that I gladly would. She read my messages but she didn’t take the time to reply. She doesn’t always reply right away and that’s fine but if she had time to be on Facebook as often as she was yesterday why couldn’t she make a quick reply?

Again I just hope she’s busy with her new job and this doesn’t have anything to do with me divulging what happened in Arizona. I’m probably just being paranoid because I’ve been dumped so many times in my life but on the off chance that she’s pulling away because of it, whose fault is it? I was always taught that those that are true friends accept you as you are. So would it be her fault because she couldn’t accept me as I was? Or would it be mine because I could have kept my mouth shut in the first place?Web

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