Operation Desert Shitstorm in 2022

  • May 23, 2022, 11:45 p.m.
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I forgot to mention that the power flickered off for a second the last time there was a storm. I heard the distant rumbling of thunder a little while ago. I just hope I don’t get woken up before my appointment! I like that my regular dental exams are in the spring and the fall so that they’re before and after storm season. I just hope I don’t have to go in sooner if I continue having that feeling of having a cavity. She told her assistant to put a watch on one of the teeth and called out the number for her to put in their system. Wish I knew what that number was so I could look it up. I’m a little worried because it seems close to my bridge. If I needed a new bridge, that would be an astronomical expense!

Still feel good, both physically and emotionally. Just getting these weird waves of Lightheadedness at times. I’m guessing that’s because my ear needs to be done.

The new AC is doing a great job of keeping it dry in here since it’s deathly humid outside. Glad we’re not in NorCal now! The heatwaves and fire warnings have already begun. I can just imagine what kind of heatwaves and fires are to come over the summer!

Mia’s free gift this week was a watch. Like, who cares?

I’m a little worried about J now. Yesterday she told me it was a crazy day there and she would catch up on messages later. I told her no problem and that I hoped it wasn’t crazy in a bad way. Today I got up to find a message from her saying “so bad.”

I’m guessing it must have to do with the contractors working on her house, or maybe one of her pets.

I told her about “Operation Desert Shitstorm.” When I feel like I trust a person enough to tell them about it, it’s good to tell them because then I can confirm just how true of a friend they are.

I wonder why her daughter has her maiden name. I thought she had her with her husband after they were married.

I’m frustrated with VZ’s latest problem. They don’t seem to get it or know what to do about it. I’m actually wondering if it could be on Google’s end. Comfort Mode just doesn’t move as smoothly as it used to. I have to use Flatten Mode. I feel like Flatten may have even more distortion, though. The thing is that after switching to Flatten, I can’t get back to Comfort. Well, I can get back to it; it just doesn’t work right. I’m getting these slow herky-jerky movements if I can even move at all.

Discovered a really cool tennis demo. Who would have ever thought back when I was all alone in the 80s and didn’t have much more to do other than read, write, make prank phone calls and struggle financially that I would one day be able to play miniature golf, tennis, and all kinds of other games from the comfort of my home and have it feel as if I’m literally there.

Didn’t hear anything yesterday, but today he heard one or two barks before I got up, and I heard a couple of barks afterward. I hate the thought of having to live with this thing for God knows how many years.

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