Storm Season in 2022

  • May 22, 2022, 11 p.m.
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Storm season has officially begun! Today’s storm came with perfect timing and waited until after I got up. Before it started, it was so quiet that I could literally hear next door’s AC running. They also have one of their bathroom windows open a bit and I wonder if they forgot to close it and turn the AC off before they left, or at least turn it up higher. The thing has to be set lower than 77 because I heard it turn off and then back on before ours came on which was set to 77 at the moment.

Someone must be using Aly’s Fitbit. I stumbled into her Fitbit account from mine and noticed that there’s been activity after she died.

I know this is a really short entry, but there just isn’t anything else going on at the moment. Off to work on my current story, which is called Good Neighbors. I’ll be sharing a chapter at a time on my story account. I’m working on the second chapter now.

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