Torrential Rain, Dead Bodies and Bubble Wrap! in Block

  • May 17, 2022, 1:23 a.m.
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We had a huge dose of torrential rain here last night! Hubby’s garden was soaked to the point where just about all the flowers and plants were flattened! The air became incredibly thick and I had a rough night in bed because the air and rain made me sweat bucketfuls and my side of the bed/pillow/duvet was drenched in it! I actually had difficulty getting in and out of bed because of the huge amount of sweat clinging to me and the bedding! We had the window open!

Yesterday we were given a gigantic roll of bubble wrap, the council didn’t want it along with 3 other same-size rolls they dumped at the back of our garden. Each one is about 6ft tall and about 3ft wide so he dropped £10.00 cash into their charity box as a thank you! Hubby moved one from the pile and just put it at our back door for the night then this morning he had me creased up laughing as he grabbed it and of course, it was dumped in huge rain so as he moved it the rain on the top came off and saturated him!

He carried it up to our shop which is only just around the corner from our flat and took it in the front door so he could go to the back door and take it up to the derelict disused flat upstairs above our shop and as he was dragging it, it looked like he’d wrapped a dead body in there!

He eventually managed to heave it up the huge stone steps and into the flat, leaving me standing here absolutely howling with laughter again!

Last updated May 17, 2022

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