Steak burritos, birds of prey, schizoeffective update in ?

  • May 14, 2022, 10:06 p.m.
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My husband Talan cooked steak burritos. He was upset because the meat was a bit tough but no lie it tasted amazing. I am very fortunate to have a husband who knows how to cook. He is brave with spices but due to my ulcer I fear I might get myself sick. I have been with Talan since 2013. All these years he figured out what I can eat.

Today while Talan was at work my mom and I went to the Migratory Bird Celebration. They had an eagle,red tail hawk and an owl. I got several beautiful pictures. My mom and I wondered around Little Beaver State Park looking at the fish swimming by in the pond. I wanted to show her where Talan and I enjoy to fish on Rhododendron Lane. We were enjoying ourselves till it started raining. We walked to the car and went home.

After we got home from the park my mom confessed she was tired. She went to her room. I slept on the lay z boy because I would know if mom went for the door or not there. Mom slept for a few hours. I woke up before she did because Ziggy my 20 pound Siamese cat jumped on my chest. He startled me. When the cats realized I was awake all 4 began to complain. They ran out of water while I was asleep. I got up to care for them. The cats are bosses I only live here.

Mom is doing really well the medicine appears to be working mostly. She has been helpful in the house my only problem is she still swears God blessed her with the ability to sing in other languages. She was singing jibberish earlier I suggested her picking a language use the babel app to actually learn the words she is curious about. Mom said her voices appear to be leaving with her medicine and I am recognizing her as my old mother. Today is her good day. I hope I get to see more good days with mom’s schizoeffective disorder.

I got to get off of here finish mom’s dishes and put them away. Mom is going to bed.. after I am sure she is asleep I plan to nap as well..night

Cathy May 15, 2022

"Mom said her voices appear to be leaving with her medicine and I am recognizing her as my old mother. Today is her good day."
Oh, thank goodness! You certainly need a break, so that helps.

Deleted user May 15, 2022

Wow I never heard of steak burritos but it sure sounds good

*_* Deleted user ⋅ May 15, 2022

It is amazing 🤩

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