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  • May 13, 2022, 10:18 p.m.
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So I have really been into the TV show Better Than Us on Netflix. It is about robots being used in jobs from retail, doctors, even spouses. Problem with the storyline is Arisa is a murderous robot who’s main job is to care for a family. Arisa adopts a child and ends up falling in love with Georgy. Georgy keeps trying to convince Arisa robots and humans can’t be together. Anyone who intends to harm Arisa’s adopted family she kills and tries to cover up her murders. Arisa has a problem because a gang wants to destroy all robots. Cronos is the inventors of Arisa tries to reprogram Arisa with the hope of manipulating her programming to discover Arisa only obeys Georgy. I only saw season 1. I am not sure there will be a season 2. I know I really enjoyed the show.

There is a TV show on netflix I just started called Manifest. People get on a plane disappear after turbulence they find theirselves 5 1/2 years in the future. Nobody on the plane aged yet they are hearing voices they warns them about important events. I enjoy this series.

I feel left out because everyone around me are having a blast. They get to go to the carnival and get to go camping. Talan got to hang out with his friends today. I have been doing 24 hour care for my mother. Today my mom and I went to the Dollar Tree we got us some coffee drinks. My husband Talan and I went to mom’s with my mom. She napped in the car while Talan and I took turns to feed the animals and take her dogs on a walk.

Talan’s friends Emily and her bf Jewel came to pick him up mom said she wanted in the house to pee. I gave her the keys but told her it was going to rain let me roll the windows up. Sadly Mom ignored me my windows were down during a downpour. I ran into the house drenched and asking why she left my windows down. She wanted to snoop around in her hoarder house to see what she can carry to my house. Her hoarding is taking over my mobile home. She forgets how tiny a single wide I live in. I was furious with her. I was tempted to throw her jackets away but decided not to be cruel. I took her jackets home to wash. I have been nice to her because I always think how I would feel if I was in her shoes.

Later on this week I got to buy a dryer belt to repair my dryer. Lowe’s didn’t have the belt but I was given directions where to buy a belt. Today I washed clothes put them on collapsible racks I put them outside to dry sadly a downpour soaked my almost dry clothes. My mom and I carried the racks in and put them in the hallway to dry.

Today I went to picked up my black basket to gather clothes. I wasn’t watching the cats talking to mom. My basket had bright yellow eyes and meowed at me. Ziggy’s black fur was great camo in my basket. I manage to get a beautiful picture of him because the lighting was just right.

Ash my Russian blue tuxedo cat has hid in my closet most of the afternoon with his mother Harley Quinn our tabby Ash’s father Coal spent most of the afternoon spinning in circles watching the ceiling fan. Ziggy spent most of his afternoon watching movies with me or napping on the couch.

Tomorrow I think I am taking mom to The Migratory Bird celebration. There I plan to get pictures of eagle,kestrel,owl,hawk and other birds of prey. It will be the first time my mom has ever attended. I hope she has fun.

Harley Quinn is taking a bath on the bed. I wonder if she plans to sleep here tonight. If I have the door open all 4 cats tend to sleep in my bed.

I have been listening to podcasts about herbal remedies. I wish I had confidence to pick plants from the yard and use them as medicine. I know big pharma is helpful I take medicine for my blood pressure but I wish I had more knowledge to properly create my own medicines. I fear I might accidentally cause harm to myself.

I have a beautiful honeysuckle tree outside my mobile home. Bees are all over it. I am going to research if I could use it’s blossoms in food or medicines.

My sister in law Lesa had another heart attack. They are transferring her talking about doing open heart surgery. She is in renal failure. Her kidneys are functioning at 30 percent. I am not sure if she will make it this time.

Since Talan is home I am going to try to sleep some he will watch mom till I get a little sleep..night y’all.

AspiringAuthorAtWork 7 days ago

How old are your cats

*_* AspiringAuthorAtWork ⋅ 6 days ago

Ziggy is 8. I adopted him from the humane society. Harley Quinn is 7 we was driving down road found her drowning in a ditch. We cleared her airway checked her with vet brought her home. Coal is 3. I was working as a guard found him abondoned at a Coal mine brought him home. Ash is 2. Ash came from Harley Quinn and Coals love affair that happened when we were at work. Ash is a beautiful kitten we don't regret him. I am proud to say everyone is now fixed and happy. No more surprise babies.

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