Excitement! in Public.

  • May 13, 2022, 3:49 p.m.
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MY DRESS IS READY FOR PICK UP TODAY. Going there after work :)
Fingers crossed these $600 alterations look good -_-

Omg. Some people say, “It went so fast!” and others not say but think, “THANK GOD CAN YOU SHUT UP ABOUT IT NOW”


I tried not to shove wedding talk down anyone’s throats. I’m usually not one to sit and talk nonstop about myself anyway. There were times I was bursting at the seams with wedding talk but that’s what I have this place for… and Andy… and family.

We have most of the important things done! He’s done with the rough draft of his vows… I’m still working on mine.

This weekend is one of our last free weekends until the wedding so we’re going to use this time to get some yard work done. We just bought a new lawnmower. I just had the yard power raked so I’m going to reseed this weekend and pull weeds. We’ll probably continue working on cleaning out the garage. Time will fly until the wedding then we’ll probably be in a mad dash to get all these house projects done so we can sell/buy/move.

I just approved all the proofs for the reception invites (September). I think they said 1-2 weeks lead time for those so I should have them by Memorial Day weekend which is great because I wanted that weekend to get people together to do that whole crafting thing. I think these are going to take more time than I originally thought so I’m stoked for help with them.

I think that’s all I have.
I have a shit ton to finish at work for the weekend and less than 2 hours to finish it.



The look she gives Andy:
alt text

And the look she gives me:
alt text

irate velociraptor May 13, 2022

Your kitty is so adorable!!

toddslife May 13, 2022

cute cat

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