skipping the breakfast meeting at the Greek diner in 1% better

  • May 13, 2022, 7:51 a.m.
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It is unseasonably warm. The weekend warriors will be going hog wild to Turkey Point today. Idiots. It’s silly to put on some leathers and a pair of dark sunglasses and suddenly become a tough guy. Get a muffler asshole.

I’ve never liked to identify with anything. People make assumptions. Like the other day, I was dressed for the goat rodeo and I stopped to talk with an old neighbour. The kids from across the street were playing and one of them asked, “Are you a lawyer?”

Assumptions. Even kids, draw conclusions to try to make sense of the world.

And most lawyers I know are either wimpy or nerdy. I once lived next door to a trial lawyer. He was actually like a lawyer in a novel or on TV. But he was the exception. Most lawyers are more like accountants than like rodeo clowns.

The electricians showed up, right on time, 8am. I slept fitfully all night wanting not to sleep though my alarms. Weird. Walking up at 8am stresses me out.

They are putting potlights into the new ceiling and roughing in the outlets etc for the new kitchen. The cabinet installation is set for the end of June, just in time for a summer of fun and sun without interruption.

Bucktooth Dave sent out a message to all rodeo clowns of an important breakfast meeting at a Greek Restaurant that I once went to for a hot chicken sandwich (open face) with fries. I called him up, with the pretence that I had a couple of questions about other things and asked what would be the content of this important meeting. I wanted to skip the meeting but I wanted to make sure I wasn’t about to miss anything that would rock my world. I was reassured. It was just another end of pandemic meeting for those of us that think it is over.

Solis 7 days ago

It's not over. Supply and distribution is a complete mess, anything relating to air travel. Anything relating to oil products. Everyone here is experiencing staff shortages... It's not like there is significantly less population, I don't know where everyone went... But cost of living, real estate everything is going still going screwy here...

Sho Solis ⋅ 7 days ago

Here too. The transition back to normal will be as jerky as the pandemic itself.

Jinn 6 days ago

I am afraid another surge is just building up . I don’t want to take any more vaccines. So tired of being afraid of getting sick and I know I don’t think about it often , but it’s still too much .

Sho Jinn ⋅ 6 days ago

Here in Ontario, all talk of a second booster has disappeared like a sparrow fart in the wind. There is a provincial election coming up. No one wants to mention the pandemic till its over.

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