Epilogue in The Landlord

  • March 24, 2022, 2:46 p.m.
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Patrick’s dad helped him carry in the sofa while Krystal helped Amanda unpack some glasses in the kitchen.

Amanda touched her jaw tenderly.

“Still sore?” asked Krystal.

Amanda nodded, trying not to remember that traumatic day a month ago. She was lucky to be alive. She was blessed to have a boyfriend like Patrick. He had saved her from being raped and possibly worse by clubbing the psycho landlord over the head with a hammer after he had punched him while he was getting his charger from his truck, momentarily knocking him out.

The landlord was arrested for assault and attempted rape, but the bastard was able to make bail when his wife, a woman in serious denial, took out a second mortgage in order to bail her twisted husband out of jail. The fact that he would have to wear an ankle bracelet and remain under house arrest until the trial began gave Amanda little comfort.

Amanda and Patrick stayed with Amanda’s parents for the last month and now they were moving into a brand-new rental. This was a small stand-alone house on the edge of town. They had a little more space around them but not enough to make Amanda feel isolated and apprehensive.

The two planned to marry and buy a house in one of the neighboring towns that were a little more populated the following year. They no longer felt comfortable remaining in town because they knew that even if the bastard was convicted and jailed, it wouldn’t be forever. Sooner or later the guy would get out, and Amanda didn’t want to run into him in such a small town.

They settled into the new rental and eventually, a few months passed without incident. Winter became spring and Amanda loved being able to open the windows more often and let fresh air into the place.

Although Amanda would be emotionally scarred for life, her physical wounds healed, and she began to relax a little and get on with her life. She spent as much time as possible working with patients. She not only loved her job, but it got her out of the house, was a great distraction, and allowed their savings to build up faster.

She was home alone one afternoon that she would normally see an elderly patient recovering from a car accident. Her son had taken her out to celebrate her fiftieth birthday.

She casually glanced out the living room window as she entered the room and could have sworn she saw the landlord’s big, clunky old beat-up car pass by her place slowly as he glanced in her direction. He sped up when the car behind him tooted its horn.

Her heart lurched into her throat and she quickly dialed nine-one-one. That just wasn’t right. He wasn’t allowed to leave his home.

She reported the incident just as she heard loud knocking on the front door. The officer on the phone instructed her not to answer it and promised to send someone out ASAP.

Amanda remained on the line with the dispatcher and away from the windows. She crept up to the front door and peered through the peephole.

No one was there.

Then she heard a scraping sound coming from the back of the house.

She hurried in that direction, phone still in hand. “Oh, no! He’s jiggling the doorknob trying to break in!”

She was about to turn and run out the front door when the back door burst open.

Amanda dropped her phone and let out a blood-curdling scream as she barreled through the kitchen and into the living room toward the front door.

But she wasn’t fast enough.

“I’m going to kill you, you fucking whore!” Edward Rollins shouted. He grabbed the screaming Amanda and pinned her on the ground beneath him as he straddled her stomach.

The wind whooshed out of her lungs and she could barely breathe. Panicking, she hoped and prayed the police we get to her on time.

“Who the fuck do you think you are ruining my life as you have!” the deranged man screamed at her. “Do you know what this is going to cost me?!”

“Y-you’re the one—”

The guy punched her across the face and Amanda lifted her legs up and attempted to kick his backside, but it didn’t do her any good.

He spat in her face and continued screaming threats, swears, and telling her how horrible she was for daring to ruin his life after what he did to her and Patrick.

He ripped her shirt open and Amanda was absolutely terrified, believing that she would be seriously hurt or killed before the police could save her.

But in the end, her fear turned to a kind of rage she’d never experienced or known she was capable of feeling. She let out a mighty scream as determination and rage empowered her with almost superhuman strength. She wiggled free of him and kicked him in the temple so hard he lost consciousness just as the police kicked in the front door.

Ed Rollins’ brain swelled, killing him in just a few hours.

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