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Sometimes really suck and that is not a good thing. Like when life isn’t going right I honestly think that there is something much better in the future and that is the time to move forward. People seem to complain more about their life or their pain but forget to be thankful for where they are and what is ahead of them.
They say everyday above ground is a good day so why don’t we remember that? it doesn’t matter what we are suffering from it’s just the fact that we can live one more day and enjoy the life we have.
I know so many people who live with chronic pain and their attitudes are really good and they are even happy. My brother is a perfect example of that because I have seen him more then once with a migraine headache and he carries on like there is nothing wrong. But then with the kind of job he has he has to be like that. I am guessing that is called faking it just so life and work can be done.
Hubby on the other hand has chronic back pain from a car accident he had when he was a teenager. And he only uses a heating pad but I know he has pain and it really hurts. And he was in really bad shape because he had a halo and a back cast for a long time but the fortunate thing is he walked out of that hospital and still enjoys life. And he never feels sorry for himself and he hardly ever complains and he does not take anything for the pain. But he does know that there are others out there in this world that are much worse off so to him what he has is no big deal and he can live with it.
I on the other hand don’t really have all that much to complain about except for my headache I wake up with. Fortunately for me they are not an everyday thing but when I do get them I can still be awake and do things. I don’t need to be in a dark room at all. And for now the pills I take for these headaches works but I know sometime in the future they will stop working and I will get something else.

Onto something else....

So today is Sunday. And no I don’t go to any type of church. In fact the last time I went was when I was 16 and I haven’t been back except for my cousins wedding ceremony and that was 26 years ago.
The thing with the church that I went to there are yearly fees so they can pay the maintained for the place and plus they own the building so those fees are a bit much for me so I just don’t go. But all the churches I would go to is the same. The Christian ones are different they expect you to give money every week and I think that is just wrong.
I honestly use to think that a place of worship should be free for anyone who wants to go but even these costs money to be a part of.
Today hubby and I are not going anywhere or doing much. I know he will be watching Vancouver play hockey with a 50% capacity and I also know he will be watching football and my news will probably be pre emptied again because of the sports. But that is okay.
And also today my Walmart order will be coming. I just hope it all comes in a box this time because last time the delivery person put it all on the table outside and I had to make several trips back and fourth. Hubby wasn’t too happy when I told him it was coming because he can’t understand what we still need. And he likes to see what I am getting and often deletes things because of price. So this time I didn’t want that so I just got what I want and just took what he said with a grain of salt. I just think it’s important to have what will be needed to make the meals so if the thing isn’t here I make something else and I hate changing my mind. So I will be asking hubby what he thinks he wants for dinner and we will have that.

Onto something else....
I will be going for my booster on this Thursday in the early afternoon and I will be also getting a haircut. And also on this day the electricity will be out all day starting at 9:00 am till they say about 4:00 so I am not sure what dinner will be like. But that should be an interesting day with no coffee at home or lights. And my laptop will be running on battery power do I will have my solitaire and other un on line games. But the reason the power will be going out is because the hydro company is doing major maintaince so we will have better power for us all. And it’s only the place where I live so the rest of B.C. should be able to have lights.

Onto something else....

I will stop here.
Do have a great day....
Be Kind, Be Calm, Be Safe and Behave.

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