Blocked! in A Day in the Life

  • Jan. 18, 2022, 10:25 p.m.
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I blocked another user on this site, because I did not care for the nature of their comments on my entries. I was not gettting good vibes from this PB user, so I permanently blocked them. Enough said.

WildflowerHeart January 18, 2022

I do that on Fakebook. Some people I just don't want to see what they say. Their existence is just annoying. Friends of friends... who I know to just be fake. Ugh.

chocolatechip WildflowerHeart ⋅ January 18, 2022

Yes, I understand what you mean, WildflowerHeart. Thank you for your note.

IAmAWotsit January 19, 2022

Good on you! I blocked one because he was banging on about the ''rights'' of hunters to torture and murder animals and I've blocked anyone who only posts in their own language, if it's not in English I have absolutely no ideas what they're on about!

chocolatechip IAmAWotsit ⋅ January 19, 2022

Wow! I would have blocked them, as well. Thank you for your note.

IAmAWotsit chocolatechip ⋅ January 21, 2022

Thank you!

toddslife January 19, 2022

I blocked users on this site and all on open dairy

chocolatechip toddslife ⋅ January 19, 2022

All on OD?

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