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  • Jan. 17, 2022, 7:39 p.m.
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Quarantine day 9

We left the Fish Hotel yesterday and took a taxi the three blocks to our little apartment. It happened at 9:20am. The front desk called up and said our special taxi had arrived. Everything is arranged and controlled by the police services, the local administration and the health unit. It is highly controlled and would drive me crazy if I was a Walmart-shopping, Republican, freedom-lover. But I’m not. I’m Canadian. I’m mellow. I go along to get along. The Canadian version of ‘life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness’ is ‘peace, order and good government’. That’s quite a bit different. I get three texts and two phone calls a day from these guys. Chinese fire drill.

Out of the back window of the cab, I got my first look at the train station. It looks so cute now that it has been moved back to where it always stood, now that they took that terrible highway bridge away and routed the traffic around the station. Progress. It’s painted a nice French Provincial Yellow.

In the olden days when the stations were first built (by the Japanese) they were essentially the centre of town. The front entrance typically would have a roundabout out front. The station is going to be more like that - a public space. Kaohsiung, like most of Taiwan, has become less ugly and more beautiful over the past few years.

The apartment was a little dusty after two years of being unoccupied. We cleaned, put away our things and then ordered from my favourite chain restaurants - 八方雲集鍋貼水餃專賣店 - Gathered From All Directions Potsticker Dumpling Specialty Store. Good name.

The guy from police services, rang the bell and wanted to see our quarantine certificates and then we finally met the local administrator who takes care of our neighbourhood. She’s the same one who took care of Issy when the pandemic first broke out and she cut her Vietnam trip short.

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