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  • Jan. 16, 2022, 7:59 a.m.
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Quarantine day 7
The daily routine was interrupted briefly yesterday at noon with our first trip to the lobby. The government testers arrived and gave us and another pair or quarantine prisoners PCR tests, full hazmat of course. It was the first time in six days to leave the little hotel room and I found the whole experience irritating. I’m so grumpy. I put on a clean t-shirt and a pair of cargo shorts for the outing.

Today is our last day here. At midnight we are free to leave for a second 7 days of quarantine, this time at our own apartment, which I can see clearly two blocks away from this quarantine hotel. We will have to take a taxi. Given the timing, we won’t leave until tomorrow morning. Monday. I’ve lost track of which day it is.

The apartment will have a thin layer of dust over everything. That is the best case scenario.

Through Facebook, I got in touch with my two Canadian contacts here in Taiwan. Dougie moved north, about halfway between Tainan and Chung Hua, new job, new school. He said that he bought a house. Paulie seems to be back from China. I scrolled through his Facebook page going back to September. He’s a friend of Dougie’s that I met last time I was here. Two years ago he said that he wanted to return. His wife didn’t really want to though. As a Filipino, she preferred living in China where she experiences less racism. I really like Paulie. He learned to speak Mandarin on the streets and in the markets of Kaohsiung. He dresses himself in night market clothing. He went native years ago.

As an aside, I think it’s a little weird to log on to Facebook.

When I look at these two guys, and couple of other guys I know that have been in Taiwan for so long, I see a parallel universe where I didn’t leave back in 2000. I see a completely different version of myself. I like what I see.

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