Chinese Highlander and real wages in 2022

  • Jan. 15, 2022, 6:34 a.m.
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Husband has just left to go to work. It’s the first time I’ve been alone since I caught this thing. I feel strange. I don’t know what to do.

Im up to episode 7 of the second season of the King of Blaze. The second season has 33 episodes I think, 45 minutes each. I don’t know how to explain this show… It’s Chinese, I’m watching it on YouTube with English sub titles. You can tell when a different person is doing the sub titles, the first person uses I wanna go, I gotta go see someone, the second person uses has instead of have and is a little more formal. So they alternate every few episodes.

It’s kinda like Highlander, except they have more interesting super powers… So there are seven God’s and they come from another planet. The first season was set in the Tang Dynasty, the second season is modern times or a little in the future, remember the highlander movie where its set in the future and totally ruins the whole story.... Well this is what the second season is doing, but I’m a little like Sheldon Cooper and I have to know what happens in the story… I can’t just leave it midway through and unfinished. So they’re immortals and know when something is wrong with each other or when they’re around and they cause all this grief for each other… Some of the God’s died and have been reincarnated on Earth to help the main character… But all this crazy crap keeps happening to them all, they’re destined to be together, but they can’t be with each other, sorta thing and it just goes on and on and on. Mr B stopped watching ages ago… Occasionally he’ll walk past the bedroom and hear the Chinese on my phone… And he’s like, you can’t help yourself?

The end of the first season just wraps up and doesn’t explain all these unfinished story lines, especially with the dodjy empress, what happens to the main character saving his home planet…it just sort of stops and is really sad.

Well I have to see where it goes and there’s not much else to do …

So we’ve been getting heaps of phone calls. Mr B’s mum and brother now have Covid. They’re isolating at home and his mum wanted to see how bad it was for us. There’s no way of telling how bad it’s going to be, it’s just so unpredictable, you’ve just got to ride through it.

Cafe Phil has had 11 more friends catch it this week. He went to high school here and has lived here for most of his life so knows everyone around town.

Its like our town is having a hernia. Businesses are closing all over the place, people are moving. It’s definitely going to change things

So glad husband has an essential job. I’m a bit worried he has so much exposure, but now he’s caught it hopefully he won’t catch it again so soon and this whole herd immunity thing can start to kick in and the virus… Well can go somewhere else…

But our rent is still mega cheap. But I’m going to need an income too to afford better than this …

Apparently the median wage in Australia is $49,850 so not even $50k… How the hell are people able to get through life atm??? The median house is now worth around $1.4million.... how can anyone service that type of mortgage in the middle of all of this? Let alone how much rents are?

I just do not understand.

I don’t know what to do… About anything.

All I can do is play Pokemon and watch my Chinese show…

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