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  • Jan. 12, 2022, 11:18 a.m.
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Had a ton of parcels delivered to our shop, cardboard boxes from small to utterly gigantic and boxes inside boxes crammed with new stock. The flat above our shop has been empty for years, it was gutted and is now just full of rubble, bricks etc. Holes in the wall, bits of windows dropping out, wotnot. The space between our shop ceiling and the flat’s floor has rats, gnawing away on metal bits, which don’t bother us as we like rats. We have the front shop door/my shop section, a middle room then the office at the end with a back door. Outside are several huge thick rock steps that are too awkward for me as I’m only 5‘1 tall and physically unabled so I’ve never been to the above flat as I’d seriously struggle to get up there. My hubby has been there. The entire row of properties/shops on our side are about 400 years old and haunted, which also doesn’t both us as the spirits are no trouble.
I finished my shift yesterday at 5pm after starting at 8am, went home and came back as the parcels would be delivered between 7-9pm. They arrived and I went back home. I was then back here about 2am, completely alone with just the shop lights on, not the middle room or office, to unpack various boxes and to sort, price, put on shelves etc. ready for this morning. All dead quiet outside. I heard the rats nibbling away and felt a spirit go past me, took no notice. Then there was an almighty BANG! from the flat! I thought maybe a pile of old bricks had come loose so just carried on working. Few minutes later there was another BANG! and what sounded like really heavy footsteps, definitely not rats or ghostie’s! I froze solid as I thought being an alone female and someone broke into the flat so I quickly downed tools, knocked off the light and left. Spoke to hubby who said he’ll check in the morning. He went up there this morning, no sign of break-in’s by burglars, door was closed..not locked as the lock had been broken years ago… nothing had been disturbed, no fallen rubble/bricks and no 6ft tall 20 stone rats with huge feet! I’ll be back here again in the early hours alone stacking stock etc. so we’ll see what happens again!

patrisha January 12, 2022

Goodness! How strange! And how interesting!


IAmAWotsit patrisha ⋅ January 13, 2022

Certainly is!

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