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  • Jan. 8, 2022, 4:42 a.m.
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  • Public Last night I’d filled my flask with Innocent Orange drink with bits and left it on the Welsh Dresser in the livingroom ready to bring to work with me this morning. As I picked it up this morning the lid came flying off and quite thick sticky liquid went all over me, down my right trouser leg, over my right pump, over the Dresser, over my hand bag, INSIDE my hand bag, over my woolly hat and a huge dollop of it over the carpet! I quickly grabbed everything inside my bag and cleaned it off quick and the bag and cleaned everything else/myself as best I could, cleaned the flask and washed it out.

Goes into the local convenience store before coming to work and was served by a miserably unhelpful cashier… most in there are OK but she’s not particularly customer friendly!… Then, because I had a pack of 4 Coke in my shopping bag, as I was paying at the Newsagents and was putting my shopping bag down, the bag loudly collided with the front glass of the counter, it was the Coke that caused it! Apologized quickly to the lady.

I’d bought a newspaper for hubby as he was in work a few minutes before me so as I arrived at our shop and I yanked out his newspaper, a trillion of those stupid annoying insert advert things came flying out all over the floor then as I left the office after giving him his paper I tripped over his tripod art easel front leg and almost went flying!

So everyone, how’s your Saturday going?! HA HA HA!

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