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  • Jan. 7, 2022, 4:49 p.m.
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January 7
First the good news. Our covid tests came back early and came back negative. I think the early part is a case of under-promising and overly-delivering. Whatever. It’s a good game. I’m happy with the result.

With that, it’s off to Taiwan tomorrow. Because I’m a foreigner, I bought myself a return ticket (cancelable). The trip is really open ended. All trips should be open ended. I’m hoping to regain my residency. I’m cautiously optimistic it will happen this trip, but I realize that it likely won’t.

I got a quote back from a flooring guy. It seems high. I will schedule that ahead for a few days and respond while I am looking for things to do in quarantine. There is absolutely no rush on the kitchen job. That can happen anytime. I actually like having a missing wall in my kitchen, partial exposed ceiling and floorboards, a light switch suspended where the wall used to be. It’s like art, a conversation piece. “We started to do a renovation and then…”

So the covid test was interesting. It happened at a local drug store in a little room beside the pharmacy. The guy doing the test was just a young guy in sweat pants and cheap sneakers. He told me not to touch the door knob as ‘some tests have come back positive.’ I left my gloves on, which always makes me feel like a burglar. The test was nowhere near as bad as I imagined. I must have a good imagination. It was not ‘like getting water up your nose while swimming’ and it was not like ‘getting your brain tickled.’

And as the covid numbers are spiking up all over the place, as workers are out sick, as numbers are not being reported anymore, as antivaxxers fill the hospitals, as America celebrates the anniversary of the insurrection, I’m out of here and about that I feel nothing but anticipation and the freedom of hanging around that ugly beauty, Taiwan.

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