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  • Jan. 5, 2022, 10:23 p.m.
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I’m 56 and my hubby, M, aged 60 has one brother, J  aged 50 and one sister, R,  aged 57. M and I met in Sep 2007 and officially married  Feb 2011. At the time of me meeting them for the first time in 2007,  J, no kids, was already divorced from S, she married someone else,  R had 3 kids when married to D, they were already divorced when I met her for the 1st time. 

Then J married H and they had one kid. His 2nd marriage and her 1st. Only 2 or 3 years after M and I married, R married for a 2nd time to A, a man who was previously divorced with 1 or 2 kids. To my knowledge, J and H are still married, as M and I haven’t seen or spoken to them for several years, as with R’s kids, who are all now adults, and M’s parents. M and I chose never to have kids, which is one of the MANY reasons none of the other family will have anything to do with us. 

All the family had cut M and I off years ago and refuse to have anything to do with us except R who sometimes emails M but we’ve not actually seen her in person since her 2nd wedding some years ago. It was the 1st marriage for both myself and M. So between us two, J, H, R, S, D and A I calculate there’s been 12 marriages, 7 divorces and 5 or 6  kids! M’s parents, we know for sure are fuming as they made it clear from day one that I’m scum and he could have done far better, then only a few days after our marriage I received a vicious email from his parents telling me to end the marriage as I’ll never be good enough. I refused point blank. Sep 2022 will be 15 years we’ve been together while their other 2 kids have one marriage and divorce after another! We’re sorry for R as she’s a lovely lady but it’s M and I marriage that’s lasted! Poke in the eye to his snooty parents!

Jodie January 06, 2022

It looks like you and your husband are doing something right and the rest of the family is jealous and hate you for it. As far as the mother goes I feel sorry for you because if she looked hard enough she would see why you two work so well together.
Hubby and I have been together for 14 years going on 15.

amber_the color of your energy January 06, 2022

Sometimes Karma can be so beautiful :)

IAmAWotsit amber_the color of your energy ⋅ January 06, 2022

Certainly can!

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