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  • Jan. 1, 2022, 10:21 a.m.
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January 1
Happy New Year.
All these holidaya with nothing important to do has really been good for me. I’m refreshed. I’m organized. I’m going to Taiwan. I am never as organized as just before a long vacation.
Or after.

My Rocketbook Cloud Cards came in and I’ve got my most common Chinese words to relearn again, so I’m putting them on flashcards for periodic review. I went through all my old flashcards, took some notes and then threw them away. I’m going digital. I went through an old notebook too. My plans, two years ago, of maintaining my near pathetic mandarin skills was not realized. I’ve forgotten again what I used to know. I will struggle for a few weeks until it all starts to come back to me.

So I wake up and listen to a Chinese podcast. I listen to the Taiwanese news too to see what people are talking about. It’s a little disturbing. It’s almost if they think those counterfeit commies are going to attack. The government started a civil defence department to mobile the population and resources to repel the CPP army, to slow them down. That is troubling. But Taiwan has always had a high level of performance art and vague non-reality to it, born out of politeness and politics. A don’t ask, don’t tell on a geopolitical level. Don’t claim independence and we won’t hurt you. We will just slowly isolate you and then choke you out of existence. We don’t care for the people but we want the land just where it is.

So Friday we fly. There will be a week in a quarantine hotel and then a week in the loft. Then it will be Chinese New Year with more down time. It’s all downtime really.

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