Chapter 33 in We’ll Meet Again Someday

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Riana awoke slowly the next morning. She looked at the clock and saw that it was just after eight. Stacey and Emma would be gone by now.

She got up to pee and her mind began to actively think about the possibilities that could arise from the turning point in her life that she was about to embark upon. She hoped she wasn’t making a mistake. As it was, the whole idea of moving into the house felt weirder than exciting to her. She would be sleeping where James had slept. She would be sitting in his chair at the kitchen table.

She poured water in her tiny coffee maker and looked around the room as she waited for it to brew. Many times the room had felt like a prison to her, trapping her, suffocating her, and isolating her. At the same time, it had also been her private little escape. She knew she wouldn’t have as much privacy in the house with Stacey and Emma. Here, she had been able to distance herself a little more.

Although she still found Stacey to be a bit demanding and even intimidating, she looked forward to the fun they had together, and this didn’t mean just sex. She enjoyed Stacey’s company. She liked watching movies together, the talks they had, and other things they’d come to share as well.

She also welcomed the idea of the security that living with Stacey would bring. All in all, giving up some privacy and dealing with Stacey’s bossiness just might be worth it in the end, she thought as she sipped her hot coffee and went to check her email.

After checking her email, she went to the journal site and found a slew of comments left regarding her decision to move into the house with Stacey. They were from the usual people. Most were against the idea, but jones349 and SoIn2U thought it a fine plan. It seemed they were the only Stacey-supporters she had, especially SoIn2U, whom she tried her best to ignore. She came on way too strong.

She glanced at the shiny gold key lying on the corner of the desk that Stacey had given her last night. For the first time, she could unlock the door to the house and enter it anytime she wanted. Wow, they really had come a long way, hadn’t they?

She did a little work and was showered and dressed by 9:00. Since she didn’t have much, it only took her a few hours to move things into the house and it only took that long because she worked at a very leisurely pace, often taking breaks to eat, check email and enter sweeps.

Despite Riana’s concerns, things started off well and she didn’t miss her little guesthouse hideaway tucked in the corner of Stacey’s backyard as she originally thought she would. She had enough of a sanctuary in the guestroom, especially when Stacey and Emma weren’t home.

Riana massaged the knotted muscles in Stacey’s back one night after Emma had gone to bed, and Stacey said, “It’s so nice having you here all the time and knowing the house, cooking and laundry is being taken care of while I’m out working. You keep up on things so well. And it’s even nicer to have you taking care of me.”

Riana smiled. “I’m definitely being well-rewarded for my efforts. A place to live, food to eat, a hottie who cares about me – what more could I ask for?”

A knock on the door made Stacey jump up quickly. She opened the door to find Emma standing there. “Yes?”

“I forgot to ask if it’s okay if I went to Letitia’s house after school.”

“As long as you don’t neglect your homework, then sure.”

Emma’s eyes fell upon Riana who remained seated on the edge of the bed. “What’s up?”

“What do you mean, what’s up?”

“Why is she in your room?”

“We’re talking.”

Again Emma glanced at Riana. “That’s quite a piece of lingerie to be talking in, isn’t it?”

Stacey’s face reddened. “And isn’t it none of your business what others do and what they wear? Please get into bed, Emma, and just worry about yourself.”

Emma mumbled something Riana couldn’t make out before returning to her room.

“Maybe we should slow down a bit,” Riana suggested once Stacey had shut her own door.

“Uh-uh,” Stacey said, shaking her head adamantly. “What we do is none of her business. It’s no one’s business for that matter.”

“I know, it’s just…”

“Just what?”

“I don’t want to come off like I’m trying to take James’ place.”

“You’re not, sweetie, and you know you couldn’t do that anyway because he was who he was, and you are who you are.”

Riana managed a weak smile, although she still felt a bit uncomfortable about the situation. Stacey was right, they were adults and they had a right to do their own thing. But she didn’t want to upset Emma either. The girl had been through a lot. Seeing her mother with another person, be it a woman or a man had to be strange for a kid who had never known her to be with anyone else but her father.

She glanced down at the satiny hot pink negligee she wore with black lace trim. It had made her feel sexy before, but now it only made her feel cheap and trashy.

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