Chapter 27 in We’ll Meet Again Someday

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Riana was busy responding to feedback from various users on the journal site, including the ever-faithful SoIn2U, who was now suggesting that Stacey was getting ready to dump James for her.

I told you this won’t happen, she typed in the box.

But how would you honestly feel if it did? I’m just curious.


What would you do, though?

What could I do?

Would you have a real relationship with her?

No, I don’t think I could do that.

That would be so mean of you! If someone dumped someone for me, I’d find that quite an honor.

Even if it was someone you didn’t love? I told you, this thing between her and me is strictly physical.

You may feel that way now, but I think that if it actually happened, you would admire her so much that you would find yourself falling in love with her, SoIn2U said.

Let’s hope I don’t ever have to find out what I’d do if she dumped him.

“But I sure would like to know,” Stacey said to herself as she read the last comment Riana made. “What would you do, Riana? Would you still see me as a sex toy, or would you take my love and all that I had to offer you? Would you really turn me away and even this beautiful house and everything else I could give you? You’d never have to go hungry or horny again!”

Yet she was still worried that Riana couldn’t be won over no matter what she did. She still feared she’d go to James. She couldn’t let that happen. She wouldn’t let that happen. Not after spending all the time she had working up the nerve to confess her true feelings to her. She’d gotten something she’d wanted for nearly sixteen years and she wasn’t about to let it slip away that easily.

She knew she should feel guilty for what crossed her mind next, though she didn’t. Yeah, if only there was no James to have to worry about. If only Riana had an opportunity to be around all the time.

At first, not being able to get together at any given time had been nice. It gave her something to look forward to. But now she was finding that she needed more than just the scattered get-togethers they’d had so far.

She knew winning Riana over would take time and patience. Even if James suddenly ceased to exist, it would still take time and a lot of effort on her part.

She had never been one to chase people. She always believed that those who chased others for either friendship or something more were desperate and even weak. Yet all she found herself doing lately was thinking of ways to bring her and Riana closer.

Stacey wasn’t just worried about Riana turning on her or losing interest, she was worried about James. As it was, he couldn’t understand why she was so hesitant to put in a request for a change of shift so they could work the same hours. “It’s Emma,” she had insisted when they’d last had the discussion. “She shouldn’t be alone so much of the time.”

“Emma’s getting older,” James said. “She can handle being alone for a few hours.”

“It’d be more than just a few hours, James. From the time she got home from school until she went to bed, we’d be working. Do you really want that?”

“No, I suppose not. Then why don’t I try to get back on days instead?”

No! “I don’t think that’s really necessary. At least not yet. You just got this shift. If you put up a fuss too soon after being switched, it may cause problems for you. You know how the captain can be. I think it’s working out well for now.”

“Working out well?” James asked, confused.

“Sure. Think about it.” Stacey wrapped her arms around James and pulled his face towards hers for a kiss. “It makes our time together more special because we’re not seeing as much of each other.”

“Oh, it’s more special, alright. But Stacey, it’s not that we’re not seeing as much of each other, we’re hardly seeing each other at all. You’re gone before I get up, you get home after I leave, you’re asleep before I get home. What kind of life is that for us?”

Stacey knew she couldn’t disagree with James forever, so she finally relented. “You do have a point, my dear. So yes, go ahead and put in for days if you must.”

James smiled broadly. “I sure will!”

They had both fallen asleep that night, James content, Stacey hoping for some time before his request was fulfilled.

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