Chapter 25 in We’ll Meet Again Someday

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The summer progressed pleasantly. Riana and Stacey got together two or three times a week. Sometimes they watched a movie in the house, sometimes they went out, but whatever it was they did, it almost always ended in sex. Their sexual liaisons were getting longer and more involved. Riana liked that she never knew what to expect from one encounter to the next. She was also surprised by how well they got along. She didn’t think they would. Not just because of their past problems, but because they just didn’t seem to share many common interests. They didn’t speak much of personal issues, be it from the past or the present. Riana sometimes contemplated telling Stacey about her online journal, but never did. She knew that even though she hadn’t used any last names or addresses, that some people may be uncomfortable with the idea of being discussed online for anyone to see.

She still entered sweeps but wasn’t winning anything big.

By the time August rolled around, bringing in the monsoon season, things were heating up with Stacey in a way that Riana wasn’t always so sure of, and things began to change. If Stacey had been single and if she were still young and found the dating scene new and exciting, she may see things in a different light. Yet the more attention Stacey paid her, the more worried and annoyed she became as opposed to flattered. She still worried that James might not know the extent of their relationship, much less approve of it, and she was annoyed because Stacey often barged in on her unannounced when she was busy or simply not in the mood for company or to go out anywhere.

“Come on, Stacey,” she complained one hot, humid afternoon. “I’ve got work to do.”

“You can do it later, can’t you? What happened to the lady who once seemed so fond of my attention?”

“What happened to the lady who once seemed so determined to keep me as far away as possible?”

Stacey’s eyebrows rose a notch and she crossed her arms in front of her defiantly. “Seems that now you’re getting pretty unappreciative and ungrateful, huh?”

“No, Stacey, I’m not. I just want to ease up a bit, that’s all. And I’d like you to call before you come over. This is what you asked me to do with you. It’s only fair, isn’t it?”

Stacey relented, dropping her arms and sitting on the edge of the bed. “Yeah, I guess you’re right. I don’t know what’s gotten into me. I’ve never been the clingy type. It’s just that you’ve opened me up to so many new things I never knew existed. Things I never felt before, not even with James.”

“I’m glad, Stace,” Riana said softening a bit, “and I hope things stay as great as they have been. It’s just that I’ve got a life and so do you.”

Although Stacey nodded in agreement and had a smile on her face, there was a glint in her eyes that quickened Riana’s pulse. Her smile didn’t seem sincere. Stacey didn’t agree with her. She was only going along with her for now.

“Riana, I didn’t come here to ask you to come to the house with me now or to take you anywhere. I came to tell you that James has to go out of town again on business tomorrow night. I only wanted to invite you to spend the night with me is all.”

Riana remembered Jessie’s warning about keeping the activity out of the house.

Stacey sensed her hesitation and asked, “Is something wrong?”

“Well, no, I don’t think so.”


“But what about James? Does he really know what’s going on and is he really okay with it?”

A flash of anger appeared in Stacey’s eyes, but it was gone almost as fast as it appeared. She rose from the bed and placed her hands on Riana’s shoulders. “I told you I’d take care of James, Riana.”

“Yes, I know you did. But I’m not sure what ‘taking care of him’ means.”

The anger was back, and this time Stacey didn’t try to hide it. “So, what do you want to do? Go up to James and ask him if he knows you’re giving yourself to me? Do you want to ask him how he feels about it?”

Riana took a step away from Stacey. “Okay, okay! Calm down. If you say he knows and he’s cool with it, then fine, but I’m not ‘giving myself’ to you and I resent you saying so. We’re both mutually fucking around with each other until we one day get sick of it or I move on or whatever the case may be.”

Again with the sarcastic smile that had a sinister touch to it. “Well, if you’re not sick of me by tomorrow night, and if you haven’t decided to move on, then you’re welcome to come over tomorrow evening at 6:00. I’ll have Chinese take-out ready for us. If you choose not to join me, that’s fine. Nothing will go to waste. What doesn’t get eaten will keep in the refrigerator just fine, but if you are interested, the door will be open.”

Stacey left Riana to a silence that was deafening. She sat on the bed and placed her head in her hands. Was she in too deep? Was she really in too deep?

She wasn’t sure what to do. She didn’t want to seem rude or ungrateful by not taking Stacey up on her offer, but she also wanted Stacey to know that she couldn’t simply snap her fingers and expect her to come running to her every beck and call. Deciding she should turn down every other “date” or so, she logged onto the journal site to vent. She got the usual feedback from the usual people, including SoIn2U, who had become a faithful follower of her journal and the one to leave the most comments.

She made an entry about what transpired between her and Stacey, and not even ten minutes after posting it, SoIn2U had a reply for her.

“What, are you sitting at your computer waiting for me to post an entry?” she wondered aloud.

She scrolled down to the bottom of the page to the comment that was left underneath the entry.

Sorry, but I have to agree with her. She’s going out of her way for you and you do seem rather ungrateful.

Guess that’s a matter of opinion, Riana added, then moved on to other things.

Riana tried to keep busy to keep her mind off Stacey, but it wasn’t working very well. Stacey kept intruding upon her thoughts. She knew she should face the issue and start making some major decisions.

By nightfall, she wasn’t feeling much better. She found herself missing Amberlyn. She longed to be back in their home and each other’s arms. Oh, how she desperately missed her and little Nick!

As her eyelids became droopy with sleep that night, she vowed not to show up for their Chinese dinner date, as much as she loved the stuff.

Stacey tossed and turned that night, unable to sleep. She looked through the darkness over at her husband. She could barely make him out in the gloom. She still loved him, but he had become so predictably boring over the years that it sometimes made her want to scream. No one had ever turned her on in the ways that Riana did. Not even James had when they first met.

But she was worried about Riana. Riana seemed to be losing interest in her, and she obviously didn’t buy it when she told her that James was aware of them and okay with everything that had been going on, but in truth, he had no idea. He simply thought they’d warmed up to each other and had become friends. James wouldn’t run out on her if he knew about them, but he probably wouldn’t be all that okay with it now that they’d gotten so involved. He would try to stop them from seeing each other, and if he suspected it was really all that serious, he may even ask Riana to leave. With them working different shifts, keeping Riana from James wasn’t the problem. The problem was Riana. Then again, maybe she wouldn’t be a problem. Maybe they’d be okay after all and she would stop worrying about what James might not know.

Yet other problems were occurring as well. She was finding herself wanting more and more of Riana. Being content to see her for just a few hours a few times a week was no longer enough for her. She wanted more. She needed more. This wasn’t something she seemed to have any control over either. She wished she could flick a switch and turn off - or at least decrease - her feelings for her, but this wasn’t possible. There was no switch, no dial she could adjust to make things easier. She almost regretted getting into the situation she was presently in. Maybe she should never have let Riana stay in the first place.

The only thing she knew for sure was that James wouldn’t be on a different shift forever. She couldn’t hide Riana from him indefinitely and she knew it. She also knew she couldn’t count on Riana feeling the same. Maybe she would never be into her as much as she was. Or maybe she’d want to leave someday.

Stacey felt her frustration growing. She wished she could always have the best of both worlds, but knew she couldn’t. So which did she want more? Her boring yet dependable husband, or the exciting Riana, who was always full of surprises and willing to try something new at least once?

She finally felt herself growing sleepy, wishing Riana had never come back into her life, yet mighty glad she had!

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