Chapter 24 in We’ll Meet Again Someday

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Jessie stirred her coffee, unsure of what to make of what her friend just told her as they sat in the kitchen of her house.

“So, what do you think?” asked Riana.

“I’m not sure what to think. It would be nice to have fun, but it could cause complications as well.”

“If worse came to worst, I could always move.”

“Move where, though? Where would you get such a good deal? This is the part I’m not sure about, Riana. It’s like she’s literally got chains on you now. She really did have this thing for you all along, so it turns out, and now you’ve stumbled into her life again and into a setup that’s both ideal and convenient for her.”

“Yeah, I suppose things could end badly.”

“You suppose? Riana, she’s created a world in which she dictates. And if she gets mad at you or sick of you, she can just throw you out on your ass.”

“True, but she could do that anyway, whether we’re fooling around or not. So if we can continue to get along and make each other feel good now and then while we’re at it, I don’t see how I’d be at any more risk than if she were anyone else. I hope not anyway, but like you said, where else can I go? And why worry about something going wrong until it does?”

“Yeah, you have a point,” Jessie agreed. “I’d just limit how often I saw her and make sure I didn’t get carried away. You said she insisted that she be the one to talk to James? Well, maybe she will, or maybe she doesn’t want you saying anything because she doesn’t want him to know.”

“I thought about that, but I think she’s talked to him. The guy seems pretty easygoing, accepting and tolerable. I doubt he’d come flying at me with his gun drawn if she didn’t say anything and he caught us in the act.”

“Does he ever go into the guesthouse?”

“No,” Riana replied.

“Then I would keep the activity in there if I were you, even if he goes out of town again.”

“I’ll keep that in mind,” Riana said.

After the two friends chatted some more and watched a movie, Jessie dropped Riana off in front of Stacey’s house. “Is she home now?”

“Not for another hour. Then she gets home and James goes to work.”

“What a sucky schedule.”

“She seems to like it.”

“Gee, I wonder why?” Jessie said sarcastically, getting a chuckle out of Riana.

Riana got out of Jessie’s car and made her way to the guesthouse, then quietly let herself inside the much cooler room. After she used the bathroom and cracked open a soda, she sat before her computer and checked her email. After not finding anything of interest there, she logged onto the journal site she used and found the usual comments from the usual users.

But there was a new one as well. SoIn2U. She carefully read the person’s comment.

Don’t you think you ought to consider the woman you’re seeing more than you have? She really seems to care about you a lot, so I would think of her feelings as well as your own.

Riana began to type a reply.

You must be new here. Haven’t seen you around before. Anyway, of course I’m considering her feelings. I’m looking out for all who are involved. Being a part of a triangle wasn’t exactly part of the plan, but I care about Stacey and her husband quite a bit. Of that, I can assure you!

Riana played some games for points to be redeemed for prizes after sending the reply. About an hour later, she received yet another message from SoIn2U.

You described the sexual encounter as “loads of fun.” You also seem to like her and she also seems to like you.

Riana frowned, unsure of what point SoIn2U was trying to make.

This is true, she typed back, then waited. When there was no response a moment later, she wondered if SoIn2U was gone. She typed again.

Your point being?

What if she left her husband for you? came the response a few seconds later.

I can’t believe she’d do that. Not after they’ve been together for as long as they have. I sense no trouble in the marriage, just Stacey needing to explore and try something new. Besides, they also have a child.

Hope you won’t break her heart, SoIn2U came back with a moment later.

I would never do that. At least not intentionally.

How long is this going to go on?

Oh, I guess until we get tired of each other.

Until you get tired of each other? How cold!

I don’t think you have a right to judge me, number one. Number two, if it’s a mutual arrangement, how can it be considered “cold?”

I guess you’re right, SoIn2U agreed. She just really seems SoIn2U!

Haha, cute. If she is, it’s mostly for sex. Stacey and I are opposites and believe me, Stacey doesn’t do opposites. She seems to prefer what’s familiar to her. Her husband is milder mannered than she, but this is the only way they’re different.

Yes, it sounds like that’s the case from what you’ve written, but I think you’re an exception to the rule as far as she’s concerned.

We’ll see. Nice talking to you

Take care, Desert Gal.

“Yeah, whatever,” Riana muttered to herself, reminded of the fact that there were some strange people in the world.

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