TV Licencing Pests! in Block

  • Dec. 17, 2021, 5:28 a.m.
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Hubby and I don’t have a tv or anything in our household or at our shop that needs a tv licence, we choose to be tv free, professionally and personally, we don’t even have a radio except the built-in car one that hubby listens to. This morning at our shop we had yet another demanding letter *in red * saying they’re watching our shop and flat and if found to be in possession of tv with no licence we’ll be dragged through court and jailed if we won’t cough up immediately, forthwith! We refuse to have public music playing at our shop, partly as it would put me off my concentration and also I’m partly deaf so any unnecessary noise would interfere with my natural gyro system, and partly as we refuse to pay a fortune, somewhere around £300.00-£400.00 for a TheMusicLicence here in the UK. Hubby rang the tv people this morning, explained we’re sick of all the stupid threatening letters. The lady he spoke to was really nice and said that unfortunately, they can only take us off the register for 2 years, by law, after that we’re put back on! She asked why we chose to be tv free, he explained we can watch things on free YouTube, plug DVD’s to our laptops and we’re huge readers, always having our hooters in books, I actually always carry a small paperback in my handbag. He said we couldn’t care less about all the weirdos on I’m a Celebrity, various ‘’reality’‘, stuff, never ending cooking, chat shows, soaps etc. and all the Kardassians and Katie Price rubbish. The lady started laughing and said she now understands our reason for not having a goggle-box!

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