Car rejection, grocery shopping in ?

  • Dec. 4, 2021, 11:55 p.m.
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My mom gathered the thousands of dollars in cash only to think about the fact the guy she was going buy the police interceptor from was very rude refuse to go lower than his amount he wanted. The first man was snappy and rude. Mom took her thousands went to a car lot and decided to find professionals. The man on the car lot saw the cash said on Monday he will happily help her find a car in mom’s price range. Mom told me to call and reject the first man who was rude. We called him said hi we got a better deal with less drama. Slap the sign back in your window good luck selling the police interceptor. The cocky man said that is fine has been doing this for 30 years he will find someone.. the man lost a sale because his personality sucks.

I drove mom to the store. She bought me 2 wrap dresses and some Snickers. She bought her grandcats cat food and litter I was grateful cause I needed it. She loaded her buggy with groceries.

While I was carrying her groceries in Toms dog Oscar asked for a car ride we ran him the car a block Oscar was delighted. Bear who we have owned since 2009. Layed down in mom’s house refused to move. We carried groceries in around him and pet him. I know these animals of mom technically don’t belong to me but I always care for them. I spoil them.

Next year my entire Calendar is Bob Ross themed. I hope next year my life is as beautiful as Bob’s paintings.

I am really tired I got to work at 6:30 am I guess I better sleep some

Solis December 05, 2021

When you're spending a decent amount of money... It doesn't take much to be courteous...

Jinn December 05, 2021

You and your Mom made a wise choice passing on that rude guy .
I am all for spoiling pets . :-)

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