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  • Dec. 1, 2021, 3:30 a.m.
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My mom and I have been discussing doing a garden in the spring. She is interested in learning how to compost. At Goodwill I found a collapsible container to put compost in so it breaks down. It is about the size of a child play pin for $8. I bought it for my mom for her to say she much rather put her compost in a barrel so she can roll it.. I felt defeated that after I bought it and can’t return it she rejected my gift.. if she won’t use it. I will. Mom wants to start gather leaves and food scraps this winter swearing we will have compost ready in the spring.. idk I will have to look it up.

I bought a large antique mirror at Goodwill for $8. It is very heavy with cast iron trim design and a very heavy frame. On the frame there is large black dots. I don’t like the dots I was wanting to glue tiles on the frame and repaint it. Mom says I should leave it alone because it is an antique. I buy things to redecorate it and make it my own she always tells me no.. She says I will ruin the resale value. I don’t want to resale it I want to use it in the bathroom of my future home. I want to create beauty she prefers it old school. I bought tile stickers at the Dollar Tree to stick on it because she wants it removable “in case I change my mind.” She suggested I use removable paper on it to decorate it instead paint it. She never likes when I remodel things and likes more traditional designs.

I went to the Fueller Restore with my mom. It is similar to Habitat For Humanity. There I saw tea lights in wire balls on a chain. Mom bought me 4 of those and a wire frame from the Dollar Tree because she knew I wanted to make a chandelier for the front porch of my eventual forever home. A woman at the Dollar Tree asked why the wire frame. I told her it is the frame to my chandelier. She said it would probably be ugly. My mom stuck up to the stranger telling her I am very creative and the smartest person in our family. Mom told her how I am remodeling and redecorating an entire house by myself on a limited budget. She told the lady about the wreath I made and how I plan to remodel a mirror I bought at Goodwill. The lady looked impressed saying she didn’t know I was a designer. I am designing my own form of beauty and I don’t owe an explanation to her or anyone else.

I bought waterproof small tea lights from Bridgeport to put in the chandelier to discover they are not very bright. I love how you can change their colors. My chandelier is very mechanical and boring I needs some beads or color to brighten it up. I will look on Pinterest and try again.

Remember how Tom took mom’s truck months ago and refuses to give it back? He ran out of gas and expected us to drive to Kincaid from Beckley. Mom met Tom in Oakhill and put gas in the truck. I rarely see my brother so when I saw the stray cat at the gas station I assumed the Siamese was his. I was petting Rowdy to tell Tom he has a pretty cat. It wasn’t Toms cat…oops. I called Rowdy’s owner from the phone number on his collar and told the owner come pick up his baby! Tom expected me to buy him bread. Mom bought it for him because I had to drive mom home because I had to pick up Talan. I would have felt that was a wasted trip if it wasn’t for Rowdy.. beautiful friendly Siamese.. I saw he lives nearby so I left him to wonder home. He lived next door to the gas station.

Talan took his gun to Bridgeport where they installed a scope on his gun. He told me he is hunting at his Uncle Ronnie”s farm while I am at work so he told me I will need to walk home tonight. I kind of wish I bought one of the bicycles I saw at Goodwill yesterday so I could ride that home. If a bicycle is there tomorrow I plan to buy one.

I never thought I would say this but Talan found a way for me to like deer meat. He cooks it in rosemary to get the wild taste out of it so it taste more similar to beef steak. He got the recipe from the show Meat eater on Netflix. I am a picky eater with a sensitive stomach he was excited when I didn’t get sick.

You know I really wanted to study up on herbal remedies and solar panels. I instead ran mom so she could pay her bills. She got a nice stick vacuum from Bissell for $8 from the Fueller Center. It is rechargeable and originally cost $106 at Walmart.

Mom and I were looking a lights for my forever home. She asked me if I even know how to do wiring. No but with a book from the library and a YouTube video I am willing to learn. I plan to do the lights months down the roads. In the springs we are getting professionals to fix the floors and wiring.

I am very tired. I am going to sleep a little before work. I often write in this diary during the night when my insomnia is the worst. I really need to use melatonin more.

IHeartSirPaulMcCartney December 01, 2021

Awesome that you are being creative and remodelling your home. Never mind what others think. :D You are doing great! Pinterest is a good place to start.

Jinn December 01, 2021

Do what you want with your things. Be assertive and they will learn to respect your boundaries. I would not be happy if my husband told me to walk home after working just so he could hunt :-(

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