You said unfertile like it's bad in ?

  • Nov. 29, 2021, 4:27 p.m.
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My mom said since I am never having children she is going to adopt other people’s grandchildren to spoil.. She went as far saying she thinks I am unfertile. She asked why can’t i give her a grandchild.. sorry ma it might just not be in the cards.. she knows how to make me feel like crap. Cant you spoil your grandcats and quit making me feel bad for having no children?

Lady of the Bann November 29, 2021

She has a daughter she could spoil.

Lostsoul87 November 30, 2021

She should be treating her own child how she wants to treat her “grandchildren”. You have kids only if/when you want to, it’s not upto anyone else to decide. Xx

Jinn November 30, 2021

She could spoil you. My kids don’t children. That’s their business . I will just keep on spoiling them :-)

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