Abused women in ?

  • Nov. 29, 2021, 3:15 p.m.
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Why are a lot of the women around me at work tolerating being abused? They deserve better. They just don’t have the confidence to leave.. go get help before I got to read your obituary.

Deleted user November 29, 2021

For some in ANY abusive relationship or simply unhappy, a fear of the unknown and that what is known is better than the unknown and unfamiliar. I think I felt that way in my marriage and also felt a duty to keep on going. Fortunately my wife cheated on me and ended that ;-) There may also be a certain amount of brainwashing. Some people get so beaten down they cannot help themselves. Why it helps if others are willing to try to help them help themselves.

chocolatechip November 29, 2021

I can give you my opinion on that. Abusers isolate the victim to the point in which they feel worthless and are totally dependent on their abuser, thus they are afraid to leave.

chocolatechip November 29, 2021

.....from someone whom has "been there".

Jinn December 01, 2021

Victims of abuse usually grow up seeing it from their parents. Girls especially are taught by their abused Mothers to become co- dependent ; make excuses, and have such low self esteem that they think they do not deserve better. It takes a lot to reach a breaking point . Some never get there . Some end up dead. :-(

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