Mom's fav hobby, no time or money to remoosel in ?

  • Nov. 28, 2021, 7:22 p.m.
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I just want to freaking sleep.. mom just learned how to post pictures she is so excited she keeps texting me all these pictures.. ma I love you I am glad you learned something new but I got to be up at 5 am to go to work.. mom is retired and loves staying up all night.. do I need to ground a 65 year old woman like she did me as a child or do I mute her texts and just sleep? She raised me now I raise her.

My husband is upset because I worked 6:30-2:20 today he thought I wanted sex. Nope I wanted to sleep but I stayed up to entertain mom.

Mom wants to take the project mobile home I am trying to remodel to use for her storage. Her storage has roaches in it.. I trying to convince her that her 6 storage buildings are plenty no point moving her junk in the project mobile home. She is upset because I can’t afford to remodel her project mobile home that she owns. I pay the bills for the home I am currently in. I make $10 an hour. I am not a miracle worker!

I used to dream fixing this model home to be my dream home but all my dreams are just pins on Pinterest. Why do I try?

IHeartSirPaulMcCartney November 29, 2021

Your mom sounds like she is having fun, but you need your sleep too. I'd love to live in a mobile home. :) John Lennon once said that you dream your way out of where you are until you actually do.

Jinn November 29, 2021

Your Mom needs boundaries … stay firm.

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