Worrisome Things Yeah I Know: Don't Worry in Ok,Boomer

  • Nov. 24, 2021, 11:29 p.m.
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I read a lot of news. I scan storylines. What is happening where and to whom or what. Often it comes from a primal threat assessment. NOT if Justin Bieber has a pimple on his ass the paparazzi want to pop.

Big things I see or big chatter are about Russia POSSIBLY invading Ukraine which seems like a big brother wanting to kick little brother’s ass on the playground. Frankly do not care about it all because it is pure insanity and stupidity. Putin does not think about lives ending and the horror of being maimed. It is all part of his big game. In one stupid Salon article, I read some shit about Ukraine’s plans to try to take back the separatist Donbas region. I think that is stupid and totally illogical because the Ukrainians know that Russia will react or use that as an excuse to attack Ukraine. Russian military can walk through Ukraine in about 2 days max. THEN there is the fact that the USA has ships in the Black Sea which is pure stupid because we have no good reason to be there. A show of support for Ukraine? It is like wearing a KICK ME sign. IF Ukraine were to be invaded and the USA were to use its military there, GAME OVER FOR THE WORLD. Russia is talking about all kinds of “red lines” which sounds melodramatic and hysterical. They are afraid of NATO being too strong or too close. Also talk about how the USA has been practicing nuclear attacks on Russia??? GET FUCKING REAL! That would be the last thing the USA would do. USA knows that too can lead to … GAME OVER BITCHES! For everyone. We have plenty of nukes but our delivery systems are a bit out dated these days. Those silos with ICBMS are easy targets. Russia and China have hypersonic weapons and the USA is still fucking around with shit from the 70’s. Another view of all this is that Putin is just being the master chess master doing shit that makes everyone go nuts and shit themselves. He is obsessed with owning Ukraine and he will probably get it back somehow eventually. Do the Ukrainians want to fight for an independent country? I haven’t talked to any rabid nationalists but I believe they have no problem with speaking Russian and being alive as a satellite like they once were and to hell with this war bullshit. Better alive and speaking Russian (very similar to Ukrainian) than dead. There is talk of how bad things could go for Russia with sanctions if they do attack or did. NOW the Russian economy is shit and the country a mess with massive covid deaths. Yeah we thought the USA was bad with covid. Russia has tried to hide their numbers but the numbers leak out. It is BAD there. Any attack would isolate Russia more than it already is. Invading and taking over Crimea was a major self fuck by Russia. Sanctions from that are hurting. Putin HAS been doing a lot of war talk to make himself sound strong and blaming Ukraine for problems which is pure ludicrous. They are no threat to Russia. I think Americans do not care about it all. Logically we don’t care about Ukraine or even Europe. We are tired of the USA being involved militarily all over the place. Big waste of money for stupidity.

Speaking of money…We have 8 days before the government shuts down here in the USA IF the debt ceiling is not raised. 8 days for the politicians to quit talking stupid ego shit and DO something about raising the debt ceiling so more money can be borrowed and keep the government going. I DID read sane talk about how the Republican and Democratic leadership are talking about how to do it. Fast. It will need to be VERY fast. I have concerns about my next Social Security payment. Oh and millions of people suddenly being jobless. People are not aware of this bullshit. For many it will not matter so much until they need government services of some kind. Troops may not get paid. Benefits of all kinds not paid. Clusterfuck if the Idiots do not get it together and get things DONE.

Ok I am done worrying… ;-)

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