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  • Nov. 24, 2021, 2:50 a.m.
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My husband managed to go hunting and get a button buck. He is very proud of himself. He spent all day in Lewisburg knowing that I needed to go to the doctor. By the time he got home it was late. He said him and his uncle plans to keep it in the cold barn overnight and they plan to skin it in the morning.

I called work told them that I am going to the doctor in the morning. They told me it doesn’t matter that I am sick that I should come to work. Jacob demanded to know the appointment time. I don’t have an appointment time I will be a walk in. He said they plan to write me up even though I have a doctor note and I am calling in the night before that I should have went to the doctor on my day off. I didn’t have a car and I wasn’t going to walk several miles in the cold to get to the doctor. I already am choking on mucus trying to breathe I have a cough and a migraine. I fear if I get very cold this might become pneumonia.

Today has taught me the employees do not matter the only thing that matters is company greed. After I get better from this illness I will putting out job applications. I also will never be eating at McDonald’s again after this because they want sick people to prepare and serve food. Ew..

Not So Mighty Porg November 24, 2021

You can report them for making sick people work.
Because with restaurant covid protocols you should not be working if you have any symptom that could be covid.

queenofegypt Not So Mighty Porg ⋅ November 24, 2021

Yes, this, please report them.

Deleted user November 24, 2021

agree with other commenters you can and should report them aside from treating you badly and writing you up against corporate protocols they are going to make customers get sick

Deleted user November 24, 2021

Do y'all still got ebt? try to get some 100% orange juice sugar free or less sugar. Drink lots of water I know you have the teas but just plain water is important too. Take an uber ot lyft to the clinic walking in this weather isn't going to do any good it's worth the $ if it'll keep you from getting worse

Lunchbox November 24, 2021

Wow that's really gross that they still want you to come to work around food while still sick. We are still in a pandemic. Hope you feel better soon.

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