Husband off hunting, I am sick in ?

  • Nov. 23, 2021, 2:34 p.m.
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My husband Talan went to his uncle’s farm in Lewisburg today to go hunting. I am kind of hoping he comes home with nothing. I don’t like the taste of deer meat and he always tries to trick me into eating swearing it is hamburger or steak. Talan keeps emphasizing the importance of having extra food for winter but didn’t grow vegetables and fruits this summer.

I understand the importance of knowing how to hunt in case of another great depression. I understand weeding out the weak deer population so the fit survives to decrease the chance of overpopulation and diseases. I support hunters eating meat and I wish they knew how to use all parts of the deer like Native Americans do. I dislike trophy hunters. If you only want the head and hooves please give the meat to someone who needs it.

My main concern is if he gets a deer we don’t have enough room in the freezer to store it. I guess he plans to store it at moms in her freezer?

In the spring Talan better help me grow a garden if suddenly he is so concern for food he better help me grow fruits and vegetables and store them. I haven’t canned anything since I was 11 years old. I do freeze veggies though. I plan to learn to can again.

Crap he took my white retired police car. Hopefully if he kills a deer I hope he has enough brains to prep it properly and store it in bags in a cooler because if he drags a deer in on my car leaving blood all over it he will be washing my car. Deers smell so bad after they die.

Talan got me a turkey sandwich and a bag of pickles from the gas station before he left. I don’t know how long he will be gone. I know I have a cold I feel miserable. I was hoping to go to the store today but he took our only running vehicle. God knows I don’t want to be in a store during Thanksgiving.

In the spring I hope finish repairing my project home. I hope to move next to mom so I can care for her and grow a garden. I don’t guarantee it will happen. Nothing ever works According to plan.

Thank God I have a day off from work. I feel terrible. I think I am going study up on herbal remedies and sleep a little.

Deleted user November 23, 2021

Can you grow a garden at your project house next to your mom? That way you won't have issues with the landlord at the park. Trophy hunting is disgusting. What do they do with the meat if they only keep the head?

queenofegypt November 24, 2021

Venison is definitely an acquired taste. I grew up eating it, so I don't mind.

I hope you feel better soon!

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