I Wonder If I Am Seeing A Dramatic Change In Americans in Ok,Boomer

  • Nov. 22, 2021, 10:50 a.m.
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I went out for my weekly errands trip today. Bank and buy some food. When in the bank the teller was surprised I asked about her and her health. I said hello to a few people. No others were so open as I. If I could get eye contact I spoke in a kind manner. Few would. We were all aliens to each other, I felt.

I did the same in the grocery store. I told a young woman how it seems these days people shy away from each other more. It is a rare thing for me to make contact with people BECAUSE there is an overall aversion people SEEM TO HAVE to converse with strangers while shopping. I recall in recent past years that was not the case. Despite being more open I also see myself as more wary. I think that with all the gun insanity violence in the USA and racism, it is wise to be wary. People are more on edge. You never know who is going to be having a bad day and throw a hissy fit freak out. Every day here there is news of some often violent crazy shit. I am fortunate to live in a more diversely populated area than most, I think.

When I see some people without masks, I gauge them for their manner, their stance their attitude. Sometimes I forget my mask and feeling naked without it, hurriedly put it on. For some, there is an aggressiveness to it.

I wonder how much Americans as a people may have changed in the past 5 years. Racism seems to have been given permission by some to be very open and aggressive now. The political climate and trauma of Covid has made many more aggressive than they were. Aggression often rises from fear. I think that we are all or the majority is more fearful now. Guns seem so prevalent that you never know when someone will go OFF with one. I avoid crowds and try to go out early in the mornings. I try to be invisible. Go about my day. See? I am no threat to anyone. Nice harmless old man.

I think it is that we are all or the majority of us, are more fearful. The white guys with the guns looking so aggressive are afraid of those different. The Aliens with the same DNA but look different. Funny how I grew-up as a white suburbanite sometimes fearing blacks. Now I am more distrustful of the aggressive looking white males.

sassafras 5 days ago

I began noticing this change in demeanor when Trump was elected. It felt like a switch had been flipped. And that was nearly exactly 5 years ago. :'(

Boomer sassafras ⋅ 5 days ago

Yes. An civil war of sorts. Racism and bigotry encouraged to run free. MTG and Boebert. Gaetz. The stupids getting so much attention. 5 years is correct. I worked in a factory with a bunch of gun lovers. I mean they LOVED them like some weird fetish. My very biased view is that the USA seems to be composed of the sane and smart and the opposite of that. Politically I think that the middle ground no longer exists. Most of my 66 years the Republicans and Democrats were much the same to me and then... geeeeez 5 years ago.

justBob 4 days ago

My mother in law works in customer service and she always says people have gotten way more rude and aggressive the past few years.

Boomer justBob ⋅ 4 days ago

Thanks. I regret that for your mom. And all of us.

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