Cussing meltdown quit in ?

  • Nov. 20, 2021, 7:01 p.m.
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I was getting really irritated at work instead acting out I hummed music to occupy my brain to keep me focus on the task at hand. Beautiful thing about wearing a mask one can see your facial expressions.

One of the girls I worked with told our boss Patty to go f herself. She wasn’t working anymore that she quit. She cussed about how she was disrespected by a coworker and was furious. She told me f yourself and not thinking I no thanks I am to tired that is simply to much effort. My boss Patty said she can’t get over how calm I was. I continue to make fries after my now former coworker was cussing in front of customers. She threw some of my fries and was up in my face trying to trigger me. I told her I wasn’t her problem I been minding my business doing my job. Patty told her clock out and go home if she was going to have a behavior. I don’t know what that girl’s problem was but I didn’t trigger her.

I worked 1 1/2 hours longer than scheduled to cover the angry coworkers shift. Several people refuse to stay longer. It was a long day I am glad that is over. Patty thanked me for not walking out and quitting. You know most of the time Patty makes me miserable today she was grateful for me. Today I worked 6:30 am-3:30 pm.

I was exhausted but Talan had a bad day. Him and his best friends had a falling out. They said Talan has no drive or ambition. Talan cut off his friends. We had Windy’s for dinner.

We went to mall. I got a ring 75 percent off at JC Penney. It was supposed to be $75 I paid $9. Talan tried to hang out with Emily but she excused herself went to have dinner with other friends. Talan was hurt he wasn’t invited.

I am so tired. I got to work 6:30- 2 I better rest. Night y’all

Purple Dawn 6 days ago

Do you think your husband has drive or ambition?

*_* Purple Dawn ⋅ 6 days ago

Honestly if my husband makes it to work on time for a job at all impresses me. I think he is motivated not by job etiquette but personal hobbies.

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