A Dark Prediction For The Near Future USA in Ok,Boomer

  • Nov. 19, 2021, 3:45 a.m.
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Note: This is an American Liberal’s perspective.

I have a habit of reading a lot of news. I am information addicted. Or maybe it is bullshit click-bait addicted. That is part of it: Trying to figure out if something is real or just wild fabrications.

The USA is split now. Very much Right and Left. There is to me a cancer in our nation of trump and his supporters. He is nothing but criminal, insane and evil to me and those that support him are much the same. Those supporting him are mostly white Christians. People of color that support him are mentally ill. BECAUSE the right-wing is anti-people of color or anyone that is not white and Christian. If you are Hispanic, why in the hell do you think the right-wing hates people coming in from the south border?

As seems very well known, trump and his supporters dispute the election of 2020. It is what trump does: Push a lie until many believe it true. In the past year, the Republicans (right-wing) have been working to restrict voting in many places. They want to make it difficult for the poor and people of color to cast votes. Every time they lose an election at any level, they now claim election fraud and threaten election officials that do not give them the results they want. That is a sign of Fascism. Now, many election officials are quitting and right-wing people taking over their positions. Many Democrat (left-wing) politicians are saying they will not run for reelection. It is predicted that the Republicans will take over control of the house and senate. If this happens, the government will become paralyzed due to the right-wing only wanting to tear down the USA. They are largely skeptical of global warming and for the use of fossil fuels. If something will help the people of the USA they call it “socialism” not understanding that government is there to HELP the people of a country. Biden is under siege now by the right-wing and ignorant idiots such as Boebert and Greene on the Right want to impeach him for…I have no fucking idea. All this time there is a lunatic named trump constantly screaming and spreading hate and lies and his supporters believe it all and support him like a lynch mob.

Currently, people are being prosecuted and given LIGHT jail sentences for their parts in the attempted coup of January 6. I believe that once released, these people will be heroes of the right. Whatever happens to Rittenhouse, he will most likely run for political office in the future and win due to the USA becoming a soft Fascist state. By “soft” I mean not horribly extreme. Until later.

trump will run for office in 2024 and win due to the rigged polling places and repression of minority voters that would normally vote for the Left. It will be like opening the doors of hell. This is an insane monster and what the right-wing and STUPID Americans want. There is nothing good, sane or positive about that entity. He is hate incarnate. Once he becomes president again, he will undertake a purge of government. He is a vengeful petty thing and will set about using his now FASCIST party to seek revenge on all those that went against him and his supporters. The Democrats, people of color, gays, trans and non Christians will be persecuted. There will be assassinations and executions. Imprisonments. This is what happens with Fascist governments. Democracy will become a very bad joke. The USA will become a police state. Rittenhouse kids will be common. Guns only for the right-wing. For decades the right-wing has feared their guns being taken away. THEY will take the guns away from the Left and people of color. Any that they believe may go against them. THAT is what Fascists do. How Totalitarian governments work.

Because social welfare programs that HELP people are seen as “socialist” the right will abolish them. As a result, millions of poor, sick and elderly will starve to death or be hidden away in some kind of camps to languish in poverty and slowly die. Wages will stagnate. The healthcare and educational systems will slowly collapse. Wanting to divert the attention of the masses from their misery, the right wing leaders find someone to have a war with. Remember how General Milley called the Chinese and told them that he would not let trump launch an attack? By this time, trump will have got rid of anyone that disagrees with him. This is the way of Totalitarian Fascist regimes. It is entirely possible he (trump) will end the world in a final war.

All quality of life will become worse. The Right will blame it on the Left - what few Left there are remaining by that time.

After the right takes over Hollywood will be purged of anyone not following the ways of the right wing regime. This is how Fascism works. No gays. Women in subservient to men roles. Few people of color and they only as props for the noble WHITE people. The USA will have gone back to Jim Crow ways with open racism and misogynism.

The USA will become a Fascist Talibinate. THAT mentality that combines both but with Christianity taking the place of Islam.

Resistance. There will be protests but the protestors will be beaten down and imprisoned. Look at what has happened in Russia, China and Belarus. Hopefully the USA will not become like North Korea. There may be some armed resistance by the Left but, supported by right-wing militias, police and military they will be broken. My view.

Another scenario IS for there to be a second civil war. I have read much talk about this. Not hysterical. Logical analysis of what could happen. We in the USA are alread in such a state of low-grade largely unarmed war with each other. For example: When I went into the grocery store today, I was wary of all the peole around me. Gauging every person for any kind of threat. For their possible left or right lean. I saw an old man that may have been my age or older with a shirt that had “NRA” on it. I knew instantly to avoid him. I felt I could trust the people of color. Many young people I saw. The pandemic has brought the crazies out of hiding. I believe that the majority of people acting crazy about not wearing masks and being against vaccinations are right-wing people. THAT is who will lead the USA in the future. The insane and stupid. That is part of the uncivil war we have begun to have. Those supportive of science and those not. The only violence I can foresee is the Left protesting the actions of the Right and the reactions from both sides when attempts are made to put such protests down. As the USA never learned from Vietnam and Afghanistan, if you kill one insurgent, their family will rise up against you. Who will they see as Right or Left by looking at them in the USA? People of color will probably all be suspect. All muslims and atheists as well. There is enough anti-semitism in the Right for the jews once again to be seen as villains of all in life and blamed for all.

I have read people talking about how the USA will become some dystopian nightmare of Hollywod filmdom. I think it will be worse. I think it will be what we see in HISTORY.

I think that the hope for the USA will be in our DIVERSITY. We ARE a RACIST nation. It is obvious. We see it every day. But my hope for this country is that because we are NOT an all white Christian nation democracy may prevail at some time in the future. What terrifies and energizes the right-wing IS that FEAR OF DIVERSITY. Those Different people they do not understand. What I hope they will understand someday is that ideal of what the USA was intended as: A nation for ALL PEOPLE. All races all religions all nationalities. That Diversity and belief in that once great ideal can save us.

bouchie November 19, 2021

Goodness a lot of that feels very dire. 😬

Boomer bouchie ⋅ November 19, 2021

I have read a lot. Some has been happening already. In the state of Michigan this week I read that the Republicans have a new restrictive voting plan because they believe trump won and there was illegal voting. Look at all the racism in the USA. Look at the how trump goes on and on without being arrested. How many Qanon supporters are running for office and sometimes winning. Attacks on Asian Americans. The anti-vax and anti mask movements. Now against ALL vaccines for many in that movement. Hate crimes rising. Patterns that follow what happened with early Nazi Germany. I once rejected that comparison but now see it. Hitler got off with a light sentence after being found guilty and then came back stronger. The law has been lenient with trump. Over and over he lies and has been show to have supported the the January 9th coup attempt. The sheer stupidity of the stuff so many on the Right say. But then again I DO have a left wing bias. Admittedly. Regrettably, most Americans are not familiar with history and current events. Such as what happened in Belarus, Russia, Myanmar, China and even horrors such as North Korea.

bouchie Boomer ⋅ November 19, 2021

I share your left wing bias, but I add in a little bit of ostrich.

I just like to think eventually, at some point, people gotta see sense. But that’s probably naive. Considering how people react to following science and basic facts.

Boomer bouchie ⋅ November 19, 2021

I think Americans are very spoiled they have not suffered as others have this was laughable apparent when people were complaining about masks and comparing it to being in a concentration camp. In my view Biden is doing a good job but people love to hate. It’s like an Internet sensation thing let’s all pile on. We dodged a bullet in 2020. Things are actually fairly good now compared to how they could be and were. Gas prices will fall the pandemic will fade. Inflation will calm down. The job situation is improving. I do believe we need more young people like you to take over this country. The sensible good people. The world needs to be saved for you and your children.

bouchie Boomer ⋅ November 19, 2021

You mention children, and I think they’re the exact reason why I try to be optimistic.

Looking at a different reality, where their lives are concerned, just makes me want to crawl in a hole and never come out. So I gotta hope for the best!

Boomer bouchie ⋅ November 19, 2021

I am not as gloomy as I may sound. I look at possibilities and it is also possible that the majority of Americans will not take the shit. MY generation fought for civil rights and against a pure stupid war. We started the environmental movement but should have done more with it. So many young folks blame boomers for all bad but we are not all the same. I am hoping that youth can create change and be rid of the IDIOTS and be the heroes we need to save this world. We will need heroes. I think a big difference between Left and Right is the Left knows the consequences of doing illegal actions and goes prison... OH SHIT! I am hoping in the next 3 years that more can be made accountable for their illegal actions and the rule of law can prevail.

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