Found A Way To Save Money On Medicare in Ok,Boomer

  • Nov. 17, 2021, 7:26 p.m.
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No, this is not a spam post.
With Medicare here in the USA you have a basic government plan and then a supplemental plan. A prescription drug plan is separate. I have been paying $145 for the supplemental plans and found a plan today with a premium of $25 which includes dental as well. It is through the local hospitals here. I thought it was too good to be true and made a call and did my sounding stupid thing asking questions (which is easy when talking insurance). The deal sounded good and I signed up for it. $120 savings sounds good. Better plan with more stuff to it. Medicare costs are going up dramatically in 2022 so maybe this will offset some of that with an increase in Social Security. Now all I have to do is stay healthy. It is insane how I am cutting costs so much now. Amusing how ice cream, pizzas and beer were all part of my every week life. When we make changes, we get used to it. We adapt. Keep trying to find things to cut out of my life but after a while you look around and can’t find anything more. Then you do and wonder about the rich lifestyle of what was once basic stuff is now seen AS rich life style stuff.

Newzlady November 18, 2021

Good for you!

Boomer Newzlady ⋅ November 18, 2021

Thanks, kind lady.

sourapple November 18, 2021

Oooooh, Medicare. I'm so overwhelmed with it. I'm thankful it was instrumental in getting my mom care this year, but lawd help me!! Open enrollment and all that comes with it makes my head spin.

Boomer sourapple ⋅ November 18, 2021

I found a sort of broker called Boomer benefits that helped. They made things very easy.

sourapple Boomer ⋅ November 18, 2021

Boomer benefits!! That's brilliant! I'm mostly being dramatic. I was a personal assistant for an elderly couple and I worked with their broker so I at least have an idea. We're gonna stick with her HMO since it's one of those self-contained networks that makes things easy and they've been good to her (not counting the one twat face ER doctor). It's mostly just mental. I think I'm more burned out than I want to admit and anything that I don't 100% already know how to do makes me feel defeated before I start.

Boomer sourapple ⋅ November 18, 2021

Something surreal I have found now that I am a "Senior Citizen" is that once I am on Medicare, I get at least 8 phone calls A DAY asking me if I want to get supplemental medicare insurance. My first was through AARP and Boomer Benefits. Then on (of all things!) Facebook I noticed something through local hospitals. I was skeptical but took a look at it. No pressure no calls. They are legit and local at a suspiciously low price. I am sorry you feel burned out. Caring for your mother does that I suspect with other family and work balance. Last time I went to the ER they fell all over themselves there. Then I found out why: They get graded on performance by patients! I get the dramatic thing...when I sound negative or doom gloomy on here it is mostly drama ;-)

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