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  • Nov. 16, 2021, 5:18 a.m.
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After my dad died my mom let my brother live in the apartment for free for 3 years. My brother Tom uses her a lot. He loved using her card for his shopping sprees. He currently has her truck refuses to give it back to mom. He used her long enough to collect money and abandoned his dogs and all his belongings in the apartment.My mother has been caring for his dogs. He tried to turn the power off with his dogs inside the house. My mom put the power back in her name so the dogs wouldn’t freeze to death this winter. Tom only comes over when he needs a repair or searching for a handout she complains how her children use her.

I the youngest child run her chores. Take her to the doctor whatever she needs to do around my 40 hour a week job. My mom after I got off of work informed me someone told her to download an app because someone was supposed to have spend $1,400 out of her bank account using Amazon. She was upset the app wouldn’t download. I asked her how she didn’t know it was a scam? She went to the bank swore she did online banking but never put the app on her phone. She thought calling the bank was online banking.

Mom complain how her children don’t love her and no one helps her even check her mail. I was really hurt because I am always over there helping her. I am her lifeline. I am the Uber. I carry the groceries. I help her pay her bills. I am always there but she complains my job interfers with what she wants to mom? In front of the banker I told her if it wasn’t for me she would never go out to pay bills or anything appreciate the fact I am even there for you. I am a great daughter quit being rude! Mom said I don’t count she is complaining about Tommy.

I tried to call Talan but his phone wouldn’t answer. Mom was panicking because she didn’t have much dog food left. We looked around she store. She bought several flavored waters and she got her something for her to eat for dinner. I took her groceries home after checking on her dogs Bear, Lemon and Baby had food water and love I fed her cats Ghost,Turtle, Luna, Kitten, and Sunny . All the cats and Baby the dog climbed on my lap for affection. I even went to my brother’s abandoned apartment and fed Draco and Oscar. I checked that mom’s 13 year old dog Bear was happy and loved. Mom afraid of Bear yet Bear is always kind to me.

I came home to my husband calling me a whore that I must be cheating on him. I don’t want to have sex with him. What’s makes him think I want to have sex with another person? Please I have been asexual most of my life. I only have sex because it makes my partner happy. I would much rather go shopping and cuddle watching a movie.

I told him about my day and how mom wants to get our project home fixed by professionals because her renter destroyed the house and charge us $300 rent to live there. Yet Tom lived at his apartment rent free for years. Talan said he hopes my mom dies soon. That I suck as a wife and screamed how our house we live in is a mess. How it is my job to clean it. He was at home all day by his damn self he could have cleaned it. I was treated poorly till he got tired.

He told me he hates it here but he hates my mom more. I told him that it is unfair being tore between him and my mother. I am her unofficial caregiver because no one else will tolerate her running her mouth and demands. Now I go home to him saying I am a bad wife. He threatened a divorce I told him take his shit and just leave. I can do bad by myself. When I told him go ahead and leave he backed down. That knocked his attitude down a few pegs.

He accuses me of cheating yet a woman named Sonnet years ago walked into my rental she was a friend and tried to make out with me when I told her I wasn’t bi she kept trying to get Talan to sleep with her. I wanted a friend. . She wanted to be part of a unicorn polyamory. We got drunk one night she tried to sleep with me. She found out no matter how drunk I am straight. I shot down her advances. When she seduce Talan he begged for permission I told her get him out of her system this will be the last time. After a year of telling them no I let them fool around. I sat on the bed and cried. I just wanted monogamy.

I told mom about what he did and I wanted to move away. Mom help me find my current mobile home. Talan didn’t even see it. I bought it and started packing my things. I told him he has a choice Sonnet or me. I won’t fight a bitch. I won’t play games. I am to old for their shit. My now husband Talan said he rather be married to a wife instead a whore packed his things started moving with me.

Sonnet was so hurt because when she found out I had an extra room she cried but I am your unicorn. I told her no you are a whore that tried to ruin a relationship go back to your boyfriend Rodney. She cried but her abuses her.i told her find her self worth and leave you won’t find your savior here! She cried as we pulled away with the U-Haul truck. I don’t give a damn bitch you shouldn’t of slept with my boyfriend.

Shortly after we left she dumped Rodney and moved in with her best friend Brett. Brett and her have now been in a relationship for years. Last time she called me asking if I needed a unicorn I told her I need a friend not a whore trying to sleep with my husband. She decided if I wouldn’t sleep with her we can’t be friends anymore.. thank God! Bitch took the hint.

My husband and I have been dating since November 2013. Married since October 2018. When he doesnt get his way he calls me a whore. He forgets this entire relationship I have been the faithful one. He calls Sonnet his mistake and I need to forgive him. God can forgive him because I will never forget. Try it again bitch. This time your shit will be dropped on your whores doorstep. By the time she realizes she is miserable it will be to late. I will be happy and no longer available for him to live at my residence. I learned the hard way growing up you can love yourself you don’t have to beg for it from another.

Today is my day off mom wants me to run her around my husband wants me to run him around… Look ma I am a taxi! Obviously I am not being treated like a wife or a daughter by either one of them.

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